Victor Pelevin: why do we love him so much?

New Pelevin read? We have been asking this question for the third decade. And Victor Olegovich is always exactly like this: a new one. His books - after a long silence before the "DPP. NN ”- come out often, according to the myth-based kabbalistic agreement with the publishing house Eksmo. But about the mysterious writer, in addition to his novels, we know very little.

This fall, the writer provided as many as two info-guides: his new novel “The Lamp of Methuselah, or the Extreme Battle of the Chekists with the Freemasons,” was released, and during a semantic session, Pelevin died. The first turned out to be true, the second - no. Pelevishchina from books got into our lives ... We tried to understand what it is and why we love Victor Olegovich Pelevin so much.

“The lamp of Methuselah, or the extreme battle of the security officers with the masons”, 2016

He explains well

Nobody, except Pelevin, is expected so much that he will explain everything about reality to us, as he once explained about the 90s in Generation P. Pelevin can explain. Especially well - with the help of fairy tales: conspiracy, mystical, about vampires, Chapaev, people of the future.He interprets the present and the meaning of life, using ancient mythology, creates the neo-myth. His characters show metaphysics on potatoes, fascinated by stories about the Path, the lower tundra and Inner Mongolia. So does Pelevin explain or mystify? Of course, both of them: play with words and with meanings, lead by the nose with a serious mine, and warn: “The opinions of the author may not coincide with his point of view.”

“The Holy Werewolf Book”, 2004

He tells fascinating conspiracy theories.

Pelevin's conspiracy theories are paradoxical and ... very similar to the truth.

“The anti-Russian conspiracy, of course, exists - the only problem is that the entire adult population of Russia is participating in it” (“Generation P”).

Generally Pelevin is the new Jonathan Swift. The Irish satirist had Yehu and Guingnam, and the Russian had Homo Zapiens (HZ) and Homo Sovieticus, orcs and deafs, “quilted jackets” and “liberals”.

"Chapaev and Emptiness", 1996

He has funny puns

Pelevin loves puns. Different, from the rough, pulled out of the people, to multi-component, bilingual, requiring a paragraph with explanations. Sometimes, in order to insert a pun, Pelevin comes up with a whole situation.

Solid Lord for respectable gentlemen

(Generation II)

One time, on the eighth of March

Baudrillard Saussure at Bart.

("Macedonian criticism of French thought")

Empire V, 2006

He sang the 90s

Now many of them remember them. In his early stories and stories, characters live in a transitional period, when the old and the new come together, walking on the edge that is impossible to grope: “Tverskaya Gorkogo Street” (“Mittelspiel”) is rather a temporary rather than a spatial index.

Generation P, 1999

He is a man of mystery

Pelevin is a mystery. He does not give interviews, does not appear on loud parties. Even his photographs on the Internet can be found no more than a dozen, and everywhere he is in the image of a bodyguard from the 90s - in dark glasses and with an impenetrable expression of his face. Pelevin distanced himself from his texts as much as possible. He did not become a herald of the people, did not stand on the podium, as Russian writers traditionally do. In fact, Pelevin can be anyone, even a mushroom, like the Kurekinian Lenin. And maybe just disappear. But it will remain Pelevin.

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