Victoria Beckham admitted that she made a lot of fashionable mistakes.

Admitting your mistakes is a noble cause and not an easy one. For example, not every one of us can openly declare that a particular image was a real catastrophe. But Victoria Beckham turned out to be stronger than her weaknesses and literally with a smile told the fashionable edition of The EDIT, which in the past had allowed mistakes.

“I made a lot of fashionable mistakes, but, in truth, I’m not tormented by the torments of conscience,” the designer said. “I’m not at all ashamed, but it’s just ridiculous to remember how I dressed before.” When asked what outfit she considers the most nightmarish, Vicki replied: "Latex cat-style costume." Well, the second place in the list of failures was boldly given to Christian Louboutin high-heeled shoes, in which she managed to get out when she was nine months pregnant.

Victoria Beckham, 90th

David and Victoria Beckham, 2011

In fact, remembering the times of the Spice Girls, very few people can boast of impeccable style, because the 1990s and the early 2000s were outside.

Victoria Beckham, 90s

Victoria Beckham, 1999

Victoria Beckham, 2005

Victoria Beckham, 2007

Victoria Beckham, 2007

Today, Victoria is increasingly giving preference to outfits in which we would never have seen her a year ago. Instead of sheath-dresses, she chooses voluminous sweaters and loose trousers, and replaces high heels with comfortable sneakers and flat shoes.

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