Video of the most effective exercises for pumping up the chest muscles at home

How to quickly pump up the pectoral muscles at home

How to quickly pump up the pectoral muscles at home

Beautiful and toned figure - the dream of every girl, and elastic beautiful female breast - the subject of desire of every man.


The breast itself consists of the mammary gland and the fat layer, and under the gland is the pectoralis major muscle.


It is impossible to change the shape or increase the bust without plastic surgery, but special exercises help to pump up the pectoral muscle, which visually raises the chest and makes the silhouette more athletic.


How to quickly pump up the chest girl at home


Going to a fitness club is the best solution for those who decide to tone themselves. The most effective technique is the reduction of hands with the help of a butterfly simulator. It allows you to effectively stretch the muscles of your chest.


To strengthen the front delta helps different exercises to reduce hands. Swimming, tennis and volleyball are another great way to make the outer, upper and lower chest muscles stronger.


If you do not have the opportunity to attend the gym, but you want to do it, home exercises will do, most importantly, do them regularly and observe the right technique. Before the beginning of classes it is necessary to buy dumbbells and an expander. Take an expander or just a thick rubber band and stretch it in front of you with force.


Feel how your muscles work. The number of repetitions - 50 times. If you move the elastic band behind your back, you will additionally give a load to the muscles of the back, the result will be an excellent posture. Dumbbells are another irreplaceable helper, we will describe them below.


How to pump up your chest with dumbbells: the video of the most effective exercises


Exercises with a barbell or dumbbells - the most effective, most importantly, monitor how you perform them. A professional trainer will tell in detail about which muscle groups are involved, and also will prevent newcomers from making mistakes.



Exercises submitted to the video can be supplemented with the following:


Starting position: standing with arms stretched forward. Palms with dumbbells clamped in them - up. Tighten your arms to your shoulders, bending them in your elbows. The starting position of the following exercise is the same: standing, legs shoulder-width apart, however, both hands are holding one dumbbell in front of the chest. Throwing your elbows to the sides, you need to pull it to yourself. The last exercise is “scissors”, that is, crossing hands in front of you.

How to build muscles in the chest push-ups - video

Push-up is also called "bench press opposite." When performing exercises involve numerous muscle groups. However, the pectoral and triceps work the most. A professional instructor will demonstrate the correct technique lessons.



If you want to pump up your chest muscles faster, increase the effectiveness of the exercise by spreading your arms wider. If you are a beginner - use the light version and push off from his knees.


The last projectile that can help a girl pump chest - horizontal bar. If you do not have a crossbar at home, then it will definitely be found on the nearest playground.


We remind the technology of doing the exercises: arms at shoulder-width, palms towards yourself. We make a grip, hang and pull up.On the ascent we inhale, on the descent - exhale. Do not be discouraged if it does not work out the first time. The harder you train, the faster the result will come.

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