Vintage polymer clay pendant

Vintage polymer clay pendantis a master class, we make a beautiful pendant from polymer clay. The principle can be used to make other jewelry - just change the picture.

Materials and tools:

  1. polymer clay;
  2. printed picture (better on photo paper);
  3. glue;
  4. pin (bail or pendant holder);
  5. Lisa Pavelka "Magic-Gloss" lacquer (another topcoat for polymer clay products)
  6. Triple Gloss polish.

Step 1

Roll out the polymer clay to the desired thickness, put the printed image on top and cut the polymer clay to the size of the image. Let's bake polymer clay (according to the package instructions).

Glue the image to the clay. We wrap the base of the pendant in a circle with adhesive tape (see figure). Nalal varnish Lisa Pavelka "Magic-Gloss", you can also use epoxy resin. Varnish Lisa Pavelka "Magic-Gloss" dries faster.

Step 2

To speed up the drying of Lisa Pavelka "Magic-Gloss" varnish, you can use infrared light, then the process will take 15-20 minutes. After the varnish has dried, remove the tape and carefully sand the edges and back of the pendant.

Step 3

Drill a hole for the holder for the pendant, drop glue into the hole and set the holder. We will coat the entire pendant with Triple Gloss polish (or another gloss-polish for jewelry) and let it dry.

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