Visualization of desires

Svetlana Rumyantseva

In a person's life, desires change every second. One is easy to perform, others require strength and time, and still others seem unreal - unrealizable dreams. When you want to sleep, a soft bed and 9 hours of silence are enough to make your wish come true. The situation is more complicated with a new coat or a trip to the sea: you need to work hard. But what if the desire seems impossible? When you want untold riches or crazy love? Start visualization.

Today's topic is conversation for skeptics. No esoteric, the energy of the universe and God's conduct. You look at the visualization of desires through the prism of scientific knowledge, and you can realize the dream with the help of an understandable algorithm of actions.

The impossible is possible: what is the visualization of desires?

Visualization of desires is a fashionable trend. Some refer him to esotericism, others to psychology. This phenomenon reflects the process of transition of fantasy into reality. Wishes come true. In the absence of a decent explanation, supporters of positive thinking and esoteric practices lead clients into mysticism, occupy minds with stories about energies.Surprisingly, it gets results: desires come true. This phenomenon is understandable, but how this happens will be discussed later. Now look at the process of visualization from the inside.

Visualization of desires

There is a misconception that visualization is a common fantasy. Imagine a picture, think about it intently and get a desire. Particularly advanced even collages are glued from magazine clippings: the sea, the house, the car and the word “health” in green letters. A good thing, interesting, sometimes even effective in the issue of self-programming. But this visualization of such a pastime can not be called.

Visualization is the first step to materialize desires. The main principle is working with unconscious reserves. A person does not just draw an image, but skillfully places it on a subconscious level. The subconscious mind processes the request, and creates the same unconscious pattern of actions. The autopilot turns on the fulfillment of the cherished dream and plans are realized in the real world.

Visualization is of two types:

  • Partial is the representation of one fragment from a whole series of changes.
  • Full - a representation of all the changes that will follow the fulfillment of desire.

The result depends on the chosen method. What is the difference? During partial visualization, a person represents a part of the events. If he wants to get married, he sees a chic woman, slender, with a fourth breast size, a blonde. But what is behind this fantasy? Hysterical wife? Mercenary kept woman? Dummy?

With full visualization, the picture changes into a small video clip. The same beautiful woman happily meets her husband from work. Happy kids, hot dinner on the table, photo from a trip to the sea, hanging on the wall. Family idyll. The desire looks full and attractive.

Visualization of desires

From mysticism to psychology

The brain received a visual request. What happens next?

The subconscious is a mental structure and processes that are not displayed in the human mind. People do not even know what is happening in their head, while they are engaged in usual things. The phenomenon of human consciousness has not been investigated. Constant publications on this subject are carried out by scientists from all major universities of the world, with small steps approaching the solution. Millions of dollars are spent on experiments. What is known at the moment?

Memories are stored in the cerebral cortex. They are recorded by billions of neurons. The long-term memory of a person is a biography of his life. Our brain remembers all the sensations that the body experienced from the very moment when it acquired a nervous system in the womb.

But why are these memories inaccessible to man? The answer is the absence of words. Consciousness has access to the beaten tracks laid out with words and repetition. When a person learns the material, he speaks it to himself and out loud, parses, analyzes. At this point, a straight path is created, leading to the memory department where the information is written. It is said that a person forgets 80% of the information received. It is not true. He loses 80% of the ways to knowledge. Another way of consciousness of stable memories is emotion. The brighter they are, the easier it is to reach them.

When consciousness has lost its way into long-term archives of memory, knowledge continues to be used. The brain, without the knowledge of consciousness launches all resources. When you immerse an idea in it, the response to it comes from long-forgotten corners of memory. That is, receiving the task, the brain mobilizes all the knowledge and experience.

The visual image is the task. And if you correctly arrange it and deeply immerse it, the subconscious will decide it itself and direct your actions so that the desire will be fulfilled.

Visualization of desires

Visual image: what is it?

Why is it necessary to immerse the visual image in the subconscious? After all, the words are more familiar to man, dearer. People use them to communicate, think, write. The reason lies in perception. Words are an instrument of consciousness. The subconscious mind focuses on pictures and sensations. This is an ancient adaptation mechanism. His judgments are primitive, but effective. And the main energy is hidden in it.

The subconscious mind takes care of the needs. It is trying hard to protect the person from unpleasant sensations. Remember laziness. People postpone time-consuming or unpleasant action. For the subconscious, many human affairs are not important, and it tries its best to get rid of them. Extending a pleasant lying on the couch is a much more tempting prospect that will give pleasure. And what is the power of this subconscious force that encourages inaction! The only way to get rid of laziness is motivation.When a person has a worthy goal, the distribution of forces changes. If achievements promise a full and dignified life, it is already unprofitable to lie on the sofa, and the subconscious mind changes tactics.

To direct internal resources in the right direction, you need to motivate the subconscious. Words for self-programming are not suitable. They act in consciousness. On a deep level, visual and sensual images reign.

You might think: “It will be good for me”, list the reasons and arguments, conduct an analysis, create a strategy. The subconscious will not hear you. But if you draw a picture, paint in colors, imagine the future happiness, a comfortable life, feel pleasure, then the inner strength will wake up and go towards the consciousness.

Visualization of desires

10 rules of visualization

What to do that visualization process has become as useful as possible? How to make fantasies work? Spend an advertising campaign for your brain. Draw benefits by following these rules:

  • Regularity.Having created a visual image, do not expect that the desire will immediately be fulfilled. The dream you create with your own hands. But do it imperceptibly and naturally. To start the process of materialization of desire, submit it regularly.But do not overdo it. To think about the same thing during breakfast, lunch, dinner and taking a shower is too much.
  • Video, not a picture.Pictures are a partial view. The video is complete. To achieve the goal, feel like a director. Shoot a happy story in which you smile and enjoy life. Think about how the surrounding reality will change. Do you want to become rich? Imagine a country house with a fireplace, near which the family gathers on cold winter evenings. Nafantazuyte expensive car, and in the next seat is a gorgeous woman. Imagine the lifestyle and the benefits, not the currency pictures. For the subconscious rustling paper - dummy. It hunts for tangible benefits.
  • Details.In a visual image, details are important. Want a car? Designate its brand, color, number. Imagine how you drive. What seats do you see in the cabin, what kind of trunk? And how fast you rush on the track! The more details, the better. With each new image reproduction supplement it with details, emotions and sensations. Overdoing here is impossible.
  • Right moment.It is better to engage in the visualization of desire in a relaxed atmosphere, when no one interferes. Choose for this moment drowsiness or half-sleep. The best time is evening. Catch the moment you fall asleep and start typing in it the elements of a dream. Fall asleep, plunging into desire, see dreams about his performance. During drowsiness, the subconscious mind is more open and more willing to absorb information. Do not try to visualize desire in a quick way. Do not interfere with the dream with a routine. Visualization is a meditative process that should be fun. Make the desired image a secret mantra.

Visualization of desires

  • Here and now.While dreaming, think not about tomorrow, plunge into fantasy as if it has already become a reality. Visualization is almost a material representation of the desired. If you can’t present it in real time, determine the time frame. Their pointers are also included in the visual image in the form of a season, calendar, hours. These elements will bring a share of specifics to the fantasy.
  • Clear target.Determine the purpose. What do you want: to live in your own home, to become a first-class sales specialist in France, to learn English and to find an English-speaking husband? Your desire should be beneficial and clear. It is important not only to know what you want, but why you want it.
  • Emotions.Add positive emotions. The most powerful subconscious anchors hold on to feelings. Visualization is not only a video series, but also a set of sensations. Learn to experience joy and delight. A powerful push provides a sense of superiority, security, satisfaction.
  • Vera.Convince the subconscious that your desire will be of great benefit. Exile fear. While you are in doubt, visualizing a desire will not convincingly succeed.
  • Exercise.It's one thing when you want a home and a strong family, another is the presidency of the United States and a time machine. You can imagine yourself as a traveler between the worlds, the creator of the new universe and the ruler of the world. But this is impossible in reality. Such desires do not come true
  • StagesBig goals break into separate stages. First the car, then the apartment, then the wife. Set priorities and focus on opportunities. Start with simple desires and move on to complex ones. If your goal is global, highlight key points and move towards them.

Imagination and benefits

To convince the subconscious of the profitability of the venture, create a convincing image and believe in it.This will help the imagination.

It is difficult for a person who thinks in words to move on to pictures. If this is about you, be patient and use the following exercise. Creating a visual image, pronounce the details of the words. For example: a wooden house, three-story, with three bathrooms and carved handrails. Parquet mahogany in the living room fireplace. Spacious loggia overlooking the pine forest. Having thought, immediately represent the named detail. Collect the image like a puzzle. When you collect some pictures, mount the video. Imagine how you walk on smooth floorboards, how to drink coffee on the green terrace, how to proudly conduct tours of the house. Study your desire, think over the smallest details. Saw something attractive in real life - add to the fantasy. Set experiments, change plots. The main thing is to plunge into the dream, to feel it.

Visualization of desires

How it works?

Starting practice, you will see new opportunities. Your brain will seek information. He will take a part from his previous experience, he will receive a part from the outside world. Do you want to get rich? Suddenly, you will find an additional source of income in a series of network announcements or beat monthly indicators at work and get a promotion.

Making a wish, do not think about how it will be fulfilled.From a series of accidents, the brain will choose the right ones and guide you in the right direction. Every day, consciousness misses dozens of major opportunities due to carelessness. The subconscious mind does not miss anything. This is the magic of the method.

Any doubts? Try it! In the course of the experiments, you do not lose anything.

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