Vitamins for ovaries: list, content in products

Polycystic ovary is a serious gynecological disease whose treatment is prescribed by a doctor. As an additional therapy, vitamin-mineral complexes and a special diet are used. Vitamins with polycystic ovaries promote healing, increase immunity. What foods contain important body compounds? What is better - synthetic or natural vitamins? The list of useful substances and products in which they are present is given below.
Vitamins for the ovaries
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Vitamins for the ovaries

For the normal functioning of the ovaries require a balanced diet and the exclusion of salty, fried foods. Alcohol and fast food, smoking, eating foods with flavors and dyes can trigger ovarian dysfunction.

List of vitamins that promote cure for polycystic:

· Retinol;

· Tocopherol;

· B vitamins;

· ascorbic acid.

Retinol maintains the state of microflora in the mucous membranes, accelerates the healing of small wounds. Vitamin A helps the female body to cope with inflammatory processes in the genitals. To avoid a shortage of substances in the daily diet, you need to enter the pumpkin, sea buckthorn, carrots, chicken eggs.

Tocopherol promotes conception, warns female infertility. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps fight polycystic disease. The substance protects the female body from premature aging and weight gain. To replenish its reserves, you need to add to the everyday menu salads with olive or corn oil.

B vitamins activate the immune system, facilitate the course of the disease. Folic acid prepares the body for conception, riboflavin eliminates inflammatory processes. They are found in legumes, lean beef, chicken, nuts and mushrooms.

Ascorbic acid enhances the immunity of women with polycystic. Lack of vitamin provokes a decrease in libido, drowsiness and dizziness. The substance is abundantly present in rosehips, black currants, kiwi, garlic and citrus fruits.

Vitamin therapy for polycystic can only appoint a gynecologist.You can adjust the power yourself. Nutritionists recommend getting nutrients from natural products, not replacing them with synthetic multivitamins. Reception of pharmaceutical means will be pertinent for additional therapy.

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