We recall what Russian paintings received the Oscar

After a couple of days, we will find out whether Andrei Zvyagintsev's Leviathan will become the fifth domestic Oscar winner in the nomination “Best film in a foreign language”. We, of course, cheer for ours. Sometime in the Oscar's short-list they visited, but wonderful films were not chosen as academicians, among them “The Brothers Karamazov” and “And the Dawns Here are Quiet”, “White Bim Black Ear” and “Military Field Novel”, “Urga - Territory love "and" Caucasian captive "," The thief "and" 12 ".

While under the imaginary drumming last predoskarovskie days stretch, let's recall the Soviet and Russian paintings, which still got a golden statuette.

"War and Peace"

1967, director Sergei Bondarchuk

Four-episode filming was filmed for six years, had a runaway success at the box office and became a classic. We all remember the great joyful eyes of a thin Natasha Rostova (Lyudmila Savelieva),like the profile of Prince Andrei Bolkonsky (Vyacheslav Tikhonov) carved from stone, sometimes resembling a batter, the uncertain face of Pierre (Sergei Bondarchuk) ... Modernity was blurred from Soviet people; The battle scenes, where military units of the Ministry of Defense drove, were struck by an unprecedented scale. This picture became the rarest case when the film is equivalent to a literary work.

Dersu Uzala

1975, directed by Akira Kurosawa

The Soviet-Japanese film based on the novel by the researcher and writer Vladimir Arseniev tells the story of the hero's travels (Yuri Solomin) in the Ussuri taiga in the company with the local hunter Dersu from the Uzala clan (Maxim Munzuk). The picture was not an adventure, but rather an epic drama, where the issues of the unity of man and nature, man and god, man and man occupy places no less than passing through the dangers of taiga forests.

"Moscow does not believe in tears"

1980, director Vladimir Menshov

The film, whose box-office success exceeded all expectations, and half of the phrases from which immediately went to the people: "What kind of people and without protection!", "Hallow. The hostel is listening "," And blurt out! But you must be confident.They call it a point of view, ”“ How long have I been looking for you ”... This movie is about the difficult path to simple female happiness of Katerina Tikhomirovoy, we know from cover to cover, but sometimes we can’t resist not watching the most favorite episodes.

The one, for example, when Gosh pulled Catherine and her daughter on a picnic with friends. Everyone smiles, smells of kebabs, a non-drinking friend sorts through the strings of a guitar, Gosh covers Katya with a blanket ... Autumn, clear air, simple Soviet happiness hanging in the air, and Yury Levitansky's wonderful poems:

Silver month, a ball with a candle inside,

and carnival masks - in a circle, in a circle.

The waltz begins. Give well, madam, hand,

and - one-two-three, one-two-three,

one-two-three, one-two-three! ..

At the ceremony of awarding the Oscar in 1981, Vladimir Menshov was unable to attend. And he found out about the victory only the next day. The figurine was at the director only eight (!) Years later, during the ceremony of awarding the "Nika" prize.

"Burnt by the Sun"

1994, director Nikita Mikhalkov

A film penetrated by the sun and a sense of loss, where the history of a country is shown by the example of the history of one family.From retrotango, the heart aches, Soviet slogans sound near the almost Chekhov's terrace, Nadi’s heels are still soft, and Stalin is good. Receive "Oscar" Mikhalkov went out with his daughter Nadia, who performed in the "Burnt by the Sun" the role of the daughter of divisional division Kotov. After the words of gratitude, the director brought Nadya from behind the podium and, saying: “For the first time in my life, I had no problems with an actress,” he threw his daughter on his shoulder and left. The audience was delighted.

"The Old Man and the Sea"

1999, director Alexander Petrov

This cartoon, winner of the Academy Award in the category “Best Short Animated Film”, was made using the “revived painting” technique. If you press the "stop" anywhere in a twenty-minute cartoon, you can see the real picture. Actually, these are the pictures: painted on glass (painted with brushes and fingers). One second of the cartoon is twenty drawings. Real art.

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