We roll and watch: 6 new serials of August

Before the start of the new TV season there are six curious serial premieres, which are worth paying attention to. Among them, the project with Jessica Beal, the heroine of which commits an inexplicable murder, an investigation into Stephen King, a remake of the classy comedy of the 90s and the TV series “Defenders”, which united Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

"The Hunt for the Unabomber"

Start: August 1

FBI agent Jim Fitzgerald (Sam Worthington) catches a criminal named Unabomber (Paul Bettany) in a dark and depressive three-part thriller based on a true story.

Unabomber, the same Theodore Kaczynski, for many years sent parcels of bombs to different places, from airlines to universities. A criminal with the highest intelligence can only be caught by an educated and intelligent man, who became an officer Fitzgerald.

Worthington and Bettany were Jane Lynch and Chris Noth. The director of the project was Greg Yeyteyns, who shot "Banshee", "Podzemka" and "Ray Donovan".


Start: August 2

The eight-part crime thriller of the USA Network TV channel with Jessica Beal in the lead role.

A young mother and beloved wife Cora Tannetti suddenly commits a brutal act of violence that she cannot explain. Why did she commit murder? What logic guided? What emotions overtook her? Where did this uncontrollable rage of a shy and kind woman come from? An experienced and thoughtful detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) is trying to answer these questions. It only seems to him that in this simple matter there is something wrong.

The series is based on the novel of the German writer Petra Hammesfar. The script was written by Derek Symonds.

Mercedes Mr.

Start: August 9th

A series on the detective story of Stephen King with a wonderful Irishman Brendan Gleason in the title role.

The retired police officer does not let go the painful recollection of the unsolved murder of eight people: an unknown person behind the wheel of a Mercedes drove into a queue of unemployed and hid. A psychopathic criminal who remains at liberty also cannot forget what he has done and once writes a letter to someone who has never caught him. Former detective again gets down to business.

The criminal named Mr. Mercedes was originally supposed to play Anton Yelchin, but after his tragic death, Mr. Tredevey became Mr. Mercedes.

“Get the little one”

Start: August 13

A nice remake of the 1995 Barry Sonnenfeld film with John Travolta and Danny DeVito. All the same gangsters, all the same movie business, the same black humor ...

Miles Daily works for a criminal grouping, but for the sake of her daughter wants to go out of business, after washing money - removing the movie. The partner of Miles becomes the producer of base films Rick. However, former colleagues do not leave Miles alone and are for his money straight to Hollywood.

The role of Miles went to Chris O’Daoud, known for the TV series “Computer geeks” and the film “Bachelorette Party in Vegas”. The project directors were experienced masters Adam Arkin, Daniel Etties, Edward Bianchi.


Start: August 18

First, Netflix showed us a series of individual shows about Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Now all the characters with unique abilities and tragic background, are united in one team to confront New York crime.Expect spectacular fights, many stinging biting and Sigourney Weaver in the role of the head of an ancient criminal clan.


Start: August 18

If you are fed up with superheroes with serious faces and intentions, the blunt superhero Tick (Tick) can become one of your favorites. However, only for a while, this invulnerable fighter against injustice is not far away. In addition, he has a nasty antennae-antennae. However, Tyk has an assistant, an accountant, Arthur, obsessed with the idea of ​​catching the villain Terror.

The Amazon Studio series parodies all the clichéd formulas of superhero films: pretentious speeches, proud posture and awareness of their own invulnerability.

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