Weather in Sochi in December 2016 - accurate forecast from the weather center of Russia. What weather weather forecasters promise to scum

CIS-002The forecast of the weather center informs that the weather in Sochi in December 2016 will be remembered by residents and guests of the resort by instability, sharp temperature fluctuations and a significant amount of precipitation in the form of rain turning into sleet during periods of extreme cold. At the beginning of the month, the weather will still be pampered with autumn warmth, and at the end of December, winter will still come into its own and cool the air to small sub-zero temperatures. The water will cool to + 10 ... 11 ° C, and the storms characteristic of this period will make the walks on the coast very uncomfortable.

In the morning of December 31 in Sochi it will be cloudy and cool, but by noon the weather will clear up, and the thermometer will reach 0 ° C. In the evening, the wind will increase slightly and the frost will hit, so that the New Year's Eve will be met by the Cossacks in the classic winter weather.

The weather in Sochi in December 2016 - the most accurate forecast from the weather center of Russia

What will be the weather in Sochi in December 2016, tells the most accurate forecast of the Russian hydrometeorological center. Forecasters say that the first days of the month will be quite warm and from 1 to 4 the temperature will rise from + 4 ° C to + 7 ... 8 ° C. A bit overshadowed by this pleasant weather picture of partly cloudy and precipitation, passing from light rain to sleet. On December 5, it will become very cold and the mercury column will slide to the -1 ° C mark, however, the very next day in Sochi will also suddenly warm up and over the next two days the temperature will be + 6 ... 7 ° C in the morning and about + 1 ° C at night.


On December 8, the air at the resort will cool down to + 1 ° C, and at night the thermometers will record a truly winter and rather severe for the region indicators of -7 ... 12 ° C frost. On the 11th the daytime temperature will be -6 ° C and this day will be the coldest in the entire last month of the year.

From the 12th onwards in Sochi it will begin to warm up slowly, and by 18-19, the columns of mercury will rise to a level that is quite comfortable for walking + 6 ° C. But after warming, the city will be covered by a series of short-term rains, which will go for 1-2 hours daily from 15 to 21 December.

On 22 and 23, the weather in Sochi will clear up and the sky will light up for a while with a timid winter sun. The air will become slightly cooler and the thermometer will slide to the mark of + 1 ... 2 ° C during the day and about -4 ... 5 ° C. But since December 24, the weather will begin to warm rapidly, and the temperature will increase daily by 1-2 degrees. On the 30th, it will be + 10 ... 11 ° C, but on December 31 it will fall sharply to + 1 ... -3 ° C and the residents of the resort will meet the new 2017 in frosty air and snowfall.

The weather in Sochi in December - the temperature of the water off the coast of the resort


In December, the weather in Sochi is unstable. Cold snapping is followed by sharp thaws, accompanied by heavy rainfall. Along with the rains, gusty winds are raining down on the resort, which provoke quite strong storms on the coast. The water temperature in the Black Sea near the coast of the city cools down to + 11 ° C and does not attract even admirers of winter ice swimming.Tourists who do not imagine recreation without water activities occupy the indoor swimming pools at hotels in Sochi, and lovers of health procedures go to spas to get a full range of facial and body care services.

Weather December 31, 2016 - the forecast for New Year's Eve in Sochi


Cloudy at the beginning and clearer at the end of the day - this is how the weather will be established in Sochi on December 31, 2016, according to the forecast of the weather center. The morning will be marked by freezing temperatures and the thermometers will record -2… 3 ° C. The mercury column will rise to zero by 15 o'clock, but after 18.00 it will begin to get cold again and on New Year's Eve in Sochi the air will cool to -4 ° C.

The water temperature on the last day of the outgoing year will be + 10 ° C, but a strong storm provoked by the north wind will not allow you to walk along the Embankment for too long and enjoy the views of winter Sochi.

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