Weather in St. Petersburg in March 2017. The most accurate weather forecast for the beginning and end of March for St. Petersburg

PSP-001The preliminary forecast of the hydrometeorological center of Russia, claiming the title of the most accurate and detailed, asserts that the weather in St. Petersburg in March 2017 will be quite typical for the beginning of spring in the region. In the afternoon, the thermometer bars will freeze in the vicinity of 0 ... + 1 ° C, and at night fall to -2 ... 5 ° C. Twice in a month, there will be a sharp cold snap. At these moments, the thermometers will be fixed to -4 ... 5 ° C in the morning and -10 ° C to -12 ° C in the dark. No cost and no precipitation. The most intense snowfalls will come at the end of the month and on the eve of April they will decorate city streets with a thin silver veil.

Weather in St. Petersburg in March 2017 from the hydrometeorological center - what the weather forecasters promise at the beginning and end of the month

The weather forecasters of the Russian hydrometeorological center report,that the weather in St. Petersburg in March 2017 will not break the established traditions and will not go beyond the average statistical standards considered appropriate for the first spring month. In the beginning of March, as usual, it will be moderately cool in the daytime, and at night the thermometers will also record very significant negative indicators (from -5 ° C to -12 ° C). In the middle of the month, the temperature will hold around 0, and the end will give an unexpected surprise. The northern Palmyra will be covered with a cold arctic front and the air will cool to -4 ... 5 ° C in the morning and -10 ... 11 ° C in the nighttime. Together with a cold snap, snowfalls will come to Petersburg and the city will meet in April in a snow-white atypical atypical for spring.

Weather in St. Petersburg on March 2017 - the most accurate forecast for the day


The most accurate forecast suggests that the weather in St. Petersburg in March 2017 will be almost the same as usual. The only force majeure forecasters warn about is a cold snap in the last decade of the month. It is assumed that on the eve of April, cold atmospheric fronts, which came to the Gulf of Finland from the Arctic, will bring frosts to -5 ... 6 ° C during the daytime and -10 ... 12 ° C at night to St. Petersburg.Sudden frosts will add precipitation in the form of short-term, but heavy snowfall. Thanks to these natural phenomena, the residents and guests of the beautiful city on the Neva will once again feel the harsh breath of winter and for a moment will even forget that the second spring month is coming - April.

Accurate weather forecast for every day in Petersburg in March 2017


In the first days of March in St. Petersburg in the afternoon the temperature will be 0 ° C, and the evenings will scare the passers-by with quite strong frost for spring (up to -9 ° C). Sudden snow will add winter sensations, but it’s not worth worrying about. The city priporoshit quite a bit, and since March 4, precipitation will completely stop and the first spring sun will timidly appear in the sky. Under its gentle rays, a thin layer of snow will instantly begin to melt and become quite wet on the streets. When night temperatures drop, puddles will freeze and move around St. Petersburg, especially in the early morning will have to be done with great care, since the asphalt will be covered with a thin, but very dangerous crust of ice.

A steady zero day temperature will break the slight cooling falling by 8 (up to -1 ... 2 ° C during daylight hours and up to -4 ° C at night) and March 12 (-3 ° C in the morning and up to -14 ° C in the evening).From the 13th the mercury column will return to the usual zero indicators, and with this warming, intense precipitation will come to Petersburg. Starting from the sleet, already 14 they will go into the most ordinary rain, and this situation will last until March 17.

On the 18th, the cold atmospheric fronts will dramatically change the traditionally optimistic temperature indexes and on the thermometers winter figures will again reflect (-2 ... 6 ° C in the daytime and up to -10 ... 11 ° C at night). Remains at the time of cooling will not be and the sky, a little clearer, will allow the spring sun to pamper Petersburgers and visitors of the city with their friendly beams.


From 23 to 26 zero temperatures and precipitations in the form of snow will return to St. Petersburg, gradually turning into a fine, drizzling rain. On March 27, a cold Arctic cyclone will ruin spring weather dramatically. Mercury columns again fall to minus indicators (-1 ... 5 ° C in the morning and up to -11 ... 12 ° C in the dark). The city will snow again and April will meet Petersburg in elegant and radiant snow-white attire.

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