Wedding decorations that tell about your good taste

YES: decide on a hairstyle before you buy earrings

Or bring the earrings already prepared for the wedding and discuss with your hair stylist how you will beat the jewel at the party. The same applies to any accessories on your head that you are planning (and in their place there may be a veil, veil, crown, bezel, wreath of flowers). There are lots of options, the main thing is not to overdo it and not turn into a goddess of fertility at the Brazilian carnival.

Earrings SL, white gold, diamonds

Earrings SL, white gold, diamonds (to order)

NO: do not wear watches

An exception should be made, perhaps, only for those watches that are made in the format of a miniature jewelry bracelet. In addition to pure aesthetics, this advice will also help reduce the burden on your nerves: entrust the schedule of the day to someone from your family, and enjoy the holiday yourself without constantly worrying about time.

YES: mix your jewelry with new items

Your task is not to perfectly match each piece of jewelry to each other, but to tell your personal story in fine detail, including with the help of jewelry. That is why it is so important that along with the jewelry that you have chosen for the holiday, your personal jewelry, such as a cross or a family ring, is also included in the image.

Wedding decorations that tell about your good taste

SL pendant, pink gold, diamondsbracelet "Estet", pink gold, zircons(to order)

NO: do not include in your image trendy jewelry

Perhaps many advanced brides will disagree with us, but over-the-top accessories will eventually have the same fate: they quickly become boring to everyone, in fact, to the rattle. But you want to revise your wedding photos and ten to twenty years later with the words: "How stylish did I have to find everything then ?!"

YES: pay attention to the shade of the dress and shoes and translate it for decorations

You are able to distinguish a warmer shade of white from cold? The first gives a little old and goes into yellow color, the second casts a blue and actually glitters on the background of your skin.So, yellow and pink gold will look more organic with warm shades of white, and white gold and silver with cool arctic white.

Earrings SL, silver, pearl

Earrings SL, silver, pearls (order)

NO: do not overdo with accessories

All these fashionable tips in the spirit of "mix gold with silver and put on more chains, wear bracelets of ten pieces, and rings on all fingers" should be left aside on the wedding day. As an option, for the second part of the holiday, you can think of a simple white dress, everyday hairstyle and “flavor it up” with an impressive amount of jewelry, but it’s better to keep the daily look in the traditions of minimalism.

YES: do not be afraid of color in wedding ornaments

As we decided above, jewelry will be a bit so, so why not add a bright accent precisely at the expense of jewelry accessories? Adhere to the rule “the less the better” and rely on those colored decorations that present themselves in a noble manner.

Pendant "Kalina Gold", pink gold, zirconia

Pendant "Kalina Gold", rose gold, cubic zirconias (to order)

NO: don’t wear jewelry associated with vintage style

One thing - grandma's ring, which brings you good luck.Quite another is a necklace with turquoise and coins, bracelets on threads or earrings with feathers. Anything that fits the definition of a hippie style is useful for a wedding only if the whole entourage of the holiday and your image are made in this style. Otherwise, the jewelry will just look cheap.

YES: one expensive decoration is better than three cheap ones

Each girl for the wedding has its own budget, and the cost of jewelry each will determine for themselves individually. And yet, try not to succumb to shopping fever just before the wedding. Find one diamond pendant and let it serve as a symbol and a reminder of the wedding for many years to come.

SL pendant, white gold, diamond

SL pendant, white gold, diamond (order)

NO: do not leave the choice of jewelry on the last day before the wedding

Give yourself time to decide, take a deep breath and think about everything carefully. After buying a dress, many brides immediately run for designer shoes on a 10-centimeter heel and expensive underwear for a photo shoot. Stop halfway through the marathon and think: a snow-white satin gets dirty, and you will put on that same corset only on your wedding night.Is it worth it to arrange a race for them and spend big money or is it better to invest in jewelry and think carefully about what role they will play in your image? The good news is that diamonds will surely come in handy for you many years after the wedding.

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