What are bracelets like?

Women themselves love to decorate themselves the most, and age doesn’t matter. Jewelery of various types and forms attract the enthusiastic looks of girls from a very early age, apparently, it is laid by nature. The simplest but many-sided accessory bracelet may differ in the way of fastener, material and type.

How can I decorate my hands?

Among the many adornments, wrist watches are rings, bracelets and watches. They are selected for the occasion or under certain clothes. You can find a gold or an exquisite plastic design option for thousands of dollars, so their cost does not always reflect the real cost of production.

Now it is fashionable to have a hobby and collect different accessories on your own. This fascinating occupation brings many people income, talented needlewomen open their own boutiques or organize fairs, sell their goods on the Internet.

Bracelet pairs “panee” in the Indian style are considered as a peculiar ornament, when the element on the wrist and the ring on the finger are connected by one or several chains.woven intricate pattern. This option is not for every day, but will allow you to look original at a party. Another no less exotic example is the accessory on the forearm, it perfectly complements the summer light dresses in the Greek style and is combined with a rim or braid.

Bracelet Types

The main difference is the type - hard or soft construction. Hard materials include wood, metal, bone, plastic, decorated in a different way, and soft materials include polyurethane, waxed cord, silicone, a jewelry mesh sleeve, and threads, on which beads and beads are strung. But also rigid elements can be connected with each other by links, then the product itself turns out to be movable.

Types of bracelets:

· Closed ring;

· Cut cuff or spring;

· A ring that opens into two halves and closes with a lock;

· Chain;

· Rigid openwork weaving;

· Glinder - individual links, hinged together;

· Bijouter - connection of different materials and beads, weaving with the use of nets, fishing line and wire on the clasp.

For sale in the shops of masters there are various components for accessories, with which you can create an individual product according to your own sketch.Handmade is appreciated for the fact that it can not be identically repeated, all variations are unique. Using different techniques and inventing your own models, you can get original works of art that will decorate and complement any outfit.

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