What can Lent

Great post - the most stringent. The Orthodox Church recommends that its parishioners fast and not indulge in passions during this time, following the example of Jesus, the apostles and the prophets. Is it possible in the Great post to do any work, to eat this or that food, to visit places of entertainment? All questions will be given a comprehensive answer by the servants of the temple during the service or in person.

What can Lent

Is it possible to lead a traditional way of life in Lent?

First of all, a Christian should read akathists and other literature of spiritual content, try to follow the commandments, restrain themselves from negative emotions in relation to his neighbor, not be offended, tame anger. Fasting is a period of time when a person must develop the habit of forgiveness and condescension in himself to attend church services. At this time it is necessary to limit the pastime at the TV and computer. This also applies to places of entertainment.

What can Lent

Regarding the intimate life of spiritual mentors an interesting theory. Sleeping with her husband is even recommended.If one of the spouses does not fast, then it is not desirable for him to deny intimacy, even if it is contrary to your beliefs. By meeting the needs of your own half, you will protect your family from mutual insults and quarrels, and next time there is a chance that your partner will fast with you.

Whether it is possible to baptize a child in the Great Fast is an ambiguous question. Nobody forbids carrying out the ceremony, but many priests do not advise, since fasting time is intended for spiritual self-improvement and reflection.

What you can eat in Lent

What can Lent

Fasting does not mean completely giving up food. Nutrition can be complete, even if the basis of taking a vegetable diet. What can you eat in the Great post to diversify the menu? Fruits and vegetables should always be present on the table in any form: steamed, boiled, baked or salads from them. Steaming is preferable. You will have to forget about time and restrict the consumption of sugar, salt, various spices.

Kashi is a valuable and healthy food. Since oil is excluded in Lent, nuts, raisins, dried fruits, onions, carrots, and mushrooms will help to fill its absence.

The ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church are ambiguous about the question of whether seafood can be consumed during Lent. Some hold the opinion that there are squid, shrimp, mussels is possible, since they are not living beings by church tradition. But others believe that seafood can be eaten only on weekends and holidays. So, in Lent, vegetable oil is consumed. Each layman will decide on the extent of fasting in a personal conversation with a spiritual mentor.

What can Lent

Fish days are also reduced to a minimum. According to the Church Charter, it is allowed to eat fish twice - for the Annunciation and Palm Sunday. On the calendar, you can determine the sweet days. On Sunday, for example, it is allowed to eat halva, the composition of which allows you to pamper yourself on days of abstinence.

One of the questions that interests the Orthodox is whether it is possible to eat honey in Lent. There should be no cause for concern among the laity. This is confirmed by a large number of recipes for cooking lean dishes, one of the components of which is honey. There are no restrictions for its use, but do not forget about gluttony.

For pasta lovers, it is recommended to carefully read the label, the composition should include water and flour, which is taken only solid varieties.There are macaroni of this quality you can safely.

Baking in the post

What can Lent

You should refrain from eating muffins and white bread containing animal products, including egg, and pastries in the post must comply. But do not be afraid: a sufficient number of recipes for pancakes in Lent, cakes and gingerbread allows you to diversify pastries in the post, while removing unacceptable products from use. Pancakes in Lent - the fastest and unpretentious dish. And if every pancake is varied with stuffing, then you can get a second dish and dessert on the basis of one piece.

So, Lent does not mean giving up food to cleanse the body. This is the time of trials and spiritual purification.

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