What can you give for the birth of a baby?

The birth of a child in a family is a very important event, both for the young parents themselves and for all relatives and close friends. Such an event rarely goes without a holiday, a family gathering and celebration, to which, according to already quite established traditions, it is not customary to come empty-handed.

And, if at first glance it may seem that giving a small heir with pleasant and necessary gifts is easy, then when you go to the store of children's goods, your eyes start to run off, attention is dispersed, and the person is completely lost.

Choosing a large present

In order to guess the option of a surprise, you need to prepare for the moment of choosing a gift, having considered all the pros and cons, as well as familiarize yourself with the recommendations that were really made by real moms.

In fact, most young mummies always experience the general problem of gifts: because relatives and friends are shy, or for some reason do not want to ask what the crumbs really need, gifts are often duplicated, and sometimes fall in a triple or five copies.

But this still does not matter - six identical suits in size and color - this is still tolerable, but when a gift really weighs down and simply takes a place in the closet or on the floor - this is already a problem.

And each giver then considers it his duty to inquire - “Well, how did the suit come up? Wear? ”And so on. Common situation? Here is the conclusion: do not hesitate to ask what specifically to give the baby, and young parents do not hesitate to respond to the case.

To do this, you need to have 3-4 things on the list, preferably from various price categories that your child really needs.

The best gifts for the birth of a child

By the way, abroad this practice has long been in everyday life, people make lists of all desires and needs from different price categories - from five kopecks to travel to hot countries, this usually happens before holidays and other celebrations.

The problem of choosing a gift disappears, and the hero of the occasion will always get what he really needs. But if you still want to arrange a surprise, then let's try to choose options that combine advantage, practicality and, as they say, pleasant for the soul.

Of course, in many respects the choice of a gift rests on the amount of funds that you have available for its purchase, but even in the middle price segment you can pick up interesting and important things.

Literature can be useful to parents.

Everyone knows that the best gift is a book - the birth of a child is no exception. A young mother is still quite inexperienced in this matter, so a good book about children will always become a valuable specimen, especially if the newly-made parents like to read.

Also great photo albums and photo frames are always welcome, because you always want to capture as much as possible the moments of growing up and developing a baby.

Such a gift should be every kid

Try to choose a large, colorful album, preferably with a child or family theme, which contains not only envelopes for photos, but also an area for signatures.

Photo frames are also different - there are several windows that will accommodate 2, 3 or more pictures of crumbs or the whole family. Alternatively, digital frames that hold a huge amount of digital photos.

Always of special value are those gifts that young parents do not buy in the first place, but thanks to them their hard new life is greatly facilitated.For example, a variant for such a gift may be scales for an infant, a radio or baby monitor, who can “watch” for a baby, especially if he has his own room from birth.

Baby Monitor

Also, a very convenient device is an electric bottle warmer, or, alternatively, a robot vacuum cleaner, which will greatly help tired parents in home cleaning.

Remember that very tiny children need little gifts, their main parental care and love, which is easier to provide if you have more free time.

You always want to give the most original and useful gift for the kid, but sometimes you should not reinvent the wheel, simple and, at first glance, banal ideas, may be the most relevant and necessary.

For example, toys. Cute rattle, the main thing from quality material, because kids love to taste everything, will always please the crumbs. It is believed that the first color that children begin to distinguish is yellow, and then red and blue, so it is important that they be present in the design of the toy.

You should not give a huge soft toys, dolls and cars "for growth", because the first couple of years they will not interest the baby, and for the house will be the first dust collector.

By the way, big objects also scare little children, therefore, the more the better, in this situation is not the option.

Children's cosmetics, accessories for bathing, and sometimes the bath itself are also good options for children's gifts, but here you have to be very careful with the purchase issue.

Discuss parenting with parents

First, the bath should be bought only if you know for sure about its necessity, which means that this issue should be discussed with the parents in advance. Ask about color preferences, what kind of attachments or auxiliary gadgets young parents would like to see in a new bath for their baby.

With cosmetics, too, you need to be careful, do not be tempted by the advertised exotic jars, it is better to stop your choice on proven brands. Better it will be the usual children's bathing shampoo without tears or baby oil based on natural ingredients.

If you still have not decided what to choose a gift for the birth of a baby, then try to look at the question from the other side, what exactly will be inappropriate here?

So it's easier not to get lost in the store and, having thought over the counter, still come to the right decision.For example, many mothers are extremely negative about the clothes for a newborn, although this is the most common option for giving.

The fact is that it is quite difficult to guess the size, and the option “for growth” will not work, since next spring the light overalls will be simply small, because the baby is growing by the hour and not by days. A bad option is a set of bottles and pacifiers, especially if the mother practices breastfeeding.

What should a husband give to his wife for the birth of a baby?

There is a tradition to thank your soul mate for the birth of an heir or heiress. If possible, a ring can be a great gift on which you can engrave the name of a child or words of gratitude.

Usually such decorations are not cheap, the case requires spending. But, if there is no such possibility - it doesn't matter, a surprise for your beloved as a decorated room for the baby with balloons, flowers and toys, a beautiful crib or a touching slideshow with your brightest moments that preceded the birth of a small miracle will remain a wonderful impression for your second halves.

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