What do you eat Worcestershire sauce with?

It rarely happens in cooking to find a dish whose birthplace is known, and in the history of its creation there is more truth than fiction. Worcestershire sauce is an English traditional sweet-sour seasoning, very concentrated on taste. The history of its origin goes back to the time of the colonial rule of England, it was then that the Indian recipe was brought to Albion and adapted to the European taste. In English cuisine, it takes the same place as soy sauce in Chinese, that is, the most central. With it, you can try almost any meat dish: chops, roast beef, morning bacon and eggs and all kinds of sandwiches. And boiled and fried fish with Worcestershire will also be good. The secret of its versatility lies in the recipe, which consists of almost all the usual seasonings for meat. In cooking sauce used onions, garlic, mustard, lemon juice, horseradish, ginger, nutmeg, black and red pepper, cloves and cinnamon, curry and soy sauce.Ironically, the most famous dishes in the world that use English sauce are Caesar salad and Bloody Mary cocktail, the stories of which are legendary. The creator of "Caesar" passed in his research the same way as the creator of the salad "Olivier". This path consisted in the absence of a path: the author of "Caesar" simply mixed all the ingredients he had on hand and flavored them with sauce. And, fortunately, it was precisely Worcestershire sauce that was perfectly combined in a salad with chicken. Worcestershire sauce can not only be served as a seasoning for cold or ready-made hot dishes. The abundance of spices makes it a universal seasoning for frying and stewing meat, which will give softness and juiciness to meat.

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