What does every man dream about in sex?

The desires of men in bed are rather primitive: while women dream of long caresses and tender kisses, men want dynamics, passion and novelty. Here and to British scientists for the truth do not need to contact twice in a row. Although we recently stumbled upon a study that linked sexual life and dreams. It turned out that men are more likely than women to see in their dreams joys with strangers and sex in extreme situations, while women often dream of more "home" love scenarios with their close partners. Do dreams affect our sexual desires, or do our sexual desires just form the very same pictures that we see at night? And what if instead of searching for an answer to this question, we better figure out how to turn into this girl from male sexual fantasies in dreams and reality?

So, every man dreams in sex

About the initiative partner

Suffice it to recall any anecdote about bad sex in the male version, of which there is a huge amount.The first point, which is mocked, is this notorious feminine coldness and lack of initiative, when a girl is half-sleeping, half-torped, but for some reason she does not want to actively participate in the process.

About expressed aloud fantasies

Guess who invented the “sexting” - the exchange of spicy photos and messages? And who gets this game from the distance most, can you guess? Women love to dream on the topic of sex no less than men, but for some reason they are embarrassed to express everything that came to their heads to men. And it is in vain, because it is so exciting!

What does every man dream about in sex?

About the passionate visualization

Men love with their eyes, therefore, to make them enjoyable is equal to providing them with a delight for eyes on sexual themes. And it's not just about a banal striptease, but about the opportunity to let him look at you in a piquant situation - through an open door in the bathroom, on a computer webcam or in the back seat of a car.

About the invitation to sex from the girl

Peeked somewhere new technique with ice and whipped cream, or found a secluded place where you want to retire? Then insist on sex first, offer your ideas or even better make surprises to an unsuspecting partner.They usually collect such stories in their sexual biographies and never forget.

About dinner, turning into sex

It is customary to be skeptical about the melodramatic plots of Hollywood, but they reflect a certain “average temperature in the hospital” with regard to sexual habits. Grilled meat, a bottle of red wine, candles, and then hot sex without even reaching the bedroom - this is the very classic of the genre that even a desperate hater of this kind of movie will not refuse in real life.

What does every man dream about in sex?

About postcoital compliments

Favorable comments warm the vanity of absolutely all men, especially if this is true truth, and not laudatory odes as from love Shakespeare's tragedies. Do not convince him that he is the best lover in the world (you have not tried everyone in the world, so who knows ?!), but tell us what you specifically liked, enjoyed it and deserves repetition.

About overdose of affection and attention

We are persistently trying to convince that 99.99% of men simply adore quick and in some ways even slightly aggressive sex. But porn is one element, but the “everyday” joy is completely different.Try to seduce a man who just came from work to offer him a half-hour massage before sex and look at his reaction.

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