Why dream of muddy water?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 26, 2015
Why dream of muddy water?

Muddy water in dreams is not a good sign. It has long been believed among the people that muddy water goes to dream gossip. In our subconscious, muddy water is genetically fixed as a symbol of something unclean. Therefore, psychoanalysts associate such dreams with difficult life situations, problems in relationships, the torments of conscience and the intuitive expectation of danger.

In many ways, the value of sleep depends on the circumstances in which muddy or dirty water has dreamed of in a dream. Consider a few common plots of such dreams. So why dream of muddy water?

  • Fall into dirty water - a dream warns of possible mistakes that you will make in the near future.
  • To go on muddy water - a dream promises possible diseases or lack of money. However, you can cope with this by making some efforts.
  • Muddy water fills the boat or ship - wait for the influx of troubles and problems: they are already filling the boat of your life.
  • Falling into muddy or dirty water - a lot of serious mistakes you make will require painful reckoning for your actions.
  • Drinking dirty water - a dream warns of creeping illness. Most likely, it will be a disease of internal organs.
  • Muddy water circles - unexpected changes will occur in your life that you will endure with difficulty.
  • Bathe in muddy water - you will find a serious disappointment.
  • Muddy water in a glass - for women, such a dream promises quarrels with a husband or lover.

As you can see, different plots of a dream in which you saw muddy water may have a different meaning. But in any case, such a dream is a harbinger of trouble waiting for you. Muddy water in a dream - a sign that can not be ignored, because this symbol is fixed in our subconscious at the genetic level.

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