What dreams of pancakes, dream book

If a person sees that he bakes pancakes in a dream, he will certainly want to know the interpretation. It is necessary to recall the dream to the smallest detail, as this provides the key to the clue.

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Pancakes in a dream
What does it mean to see pancakes in a dream

Combined dream book

Baking pancakes in a dream in a pan is a good omen (unexpected luck, entertainment, money). If in a dream you ate pancakes with cottage cheese, be prepared for loss and deception.

Dream book writer Aesop

An invitation to pancakes means that your family life will be happy, prosperity, well-being and harmony will reign in it. If pancakes were burnt - a bad sign that says about future family quarrels, troubles, or even separation. If a woman ate pancakes in a dream with a filling, she needs to be alert. Detractors and evil people are preparing her a dirty trick or an unpleasant surprise.

A dream in which you if pancakes, but could not swallow them, indicates your sins. It means that you have hurt someone, inflicted a spiritual wound, or have acted ugly. You need to make amends.If in a dream pancakes fell to the floor, unexpected large material costs are coming. If you are kneading dough and baking pancakes in a dream, in order to invite guests, be prepared that for a long time your life will be boring and uninteresting.

Slavic dream book

If in a dream you bought pancakes, be prepared that you will meet new people. Eat pancakes - a loss.


If lovers girl or boy ate pancakes in their dreams, they can prepare for marriage. Such a dream promises happiness, fulfillment of hopes, the upcoming solemn event. Lovers can be sure that their second half is a decent, loving and hardworking person. A dream in which a woman baked pancakes, but could not turn them over, means that in the near future she will be in trouble and failure. You need to be ready for their sudden appearance and successfully overcome them.

Dreaming longo

If you baked pancakes in a dream, preparing for the holiday, success will accompany your business, as you put a lot of effort and diligence to it.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you saw only pancakes in a dream, be prepared for a letter, notification or unpleasant event.If you ate cooked pancakes, rejoice: good luck is waiting for you. If you made pancakes, look at yourself. Perhaps you are economical to the stinginess, and you need to become more generous.

Esoteric dream book

If it seems to you that such a dream will bring you joy, find confirmation of this by opening an esoteric dream book. In it pancakes are a good sign. If you are in a dream engaged in their preparation, wait for the guests. If you ate them, you will have a pleasant meeting or a holiday.

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