What herbs will help against hair loss?

The healing properties of plants have been known for a long time and were successfully used by village healers in getting rid of a variety of ailments. Herbalists collected them at a certain time of the year and dried them in order to prepare medicinal infusions and decoctions. A good braid was and still is the pride of a woman of any age, and for men a thick chub is not the last trump card in the fight for the beloved's heart, so hair care has always been paid close attention.

Many herbs known to us are part of recipes that can not only improve the appearance of hair, but also prevent hair loss. To date, herbal remedies for hair healing do not lose their relevance, since they are natural, harmless and very effective helpers with amazing properties, allowing with competent application to restore strength, shine and strength to emaciated tresses.

Benefits of Herbal Therapy

Plants against hair loss are quite successful competition with modern cosmetics due to its natural content,consisting of all necessary components - vitamins, minerals and other useful elements. And also herbal compositions for the treatment of hair have many advantages, which it is impossible not to note:

  • the absence of chemistry and synthetics in herbal remedies of any form makes them safe for human health;
  • There are practically no contraindications to the use of herbs, except for individual intolerance;
  • to herbal broths and infusions do not arise addiction;
  • along the way with the solution of the immediate problem - loss, the accompanying ones are also solved in the form of eliminating dandruff, improving the nutrition of the roots due to the influx of blood and vitamin replenishment to them, giving silkiness to the disobedient curls;
  • Preparation of herbal home remedies does not take much time and does not require special knowledge, and the raw materials for them are available in any pharmacy or in natural conditions and are inexpensive;
  • for all the simplicity of the process, an amazing result is achieved, in some cases superior to professional cosmetic.

List of the most popular

What herbs are most effective against loss? Mother Nature has endowed us with a lot of medicinal herbs, helping to solve the problem and restore the former beauty of her head.Most often in the preparation of home remedies for baldness use:

  • nettle and burdock root;
  • chamomile and calendula;
  • coltsfoot and hops;
  • calamus with thyme;
  • sage with lime blossom.

The combination of these plants is particularly well affected by the hair, so several herbal components are often found in recipes, which only enhances the effect. Next, we will list the best herbs from falling out and tell you how to brew healing broths and tinctures from natural healers.

Effective nettle

If you ask what kind of grass it is better to rinse your hair, then the majority will say that nettle - this plant is so well known. And it is not surprising, because in the burning culture a whole treasure of natural healing elements is made - various vitamins, microelements, tannins, flavonoids and phytoncids, organic acids. Such a rich content and gives nettle a particular popularity among other herbal crops.

It helps to relieve the sensation of itching, eliminate dry skin with severe dandruff, strengthen hair follicles, suspending the process of their loss.No less factor in favor of nettle is its availability, and the possibility of using fresh grass or dry raw materials, as can be seen by reading the recipes below:

  1. Fifty grams of fresh nettle leaves are poured with a liter of water and boiled well, adding a spoonful of vinegar, cooled and filtered. Herbal decoction can wash your hair instead of shampoo. To strengthen the hair is useful to rub the tool in the roots with the skin.
  2. For nettle infusion, which rinsed the head after washing, you need a handful of dry raw materials and a liter of boiling water.
  3. This recipe is for internal use. It is necessary to prepare a mixture of herbs in equal proportions of fifteen grams each, from nettle leaves with plantain, burdock, St. John's wort grass, peppermint, sandy immortelle, calendula flowers and corn silk. Grind the mixture, pour half a liter of boiling water and insist. Take three times a day for a glass.

Universal burdock

Burdock, namely that is how it is often called in everyday life, is not only applied to the wounds, as often in childhood, each of us did, but also used in home cosmetology.

The beneficial composition of the plant consists of vitamins A, B, E,selenium with iron, magnesium with calcium, essential oils and fatty acids, flavonoids and other components that help strengthen hair and improve their growth.

In home therapy, preference is given to the root rather than the leaves. Many forms of medicinal hair for hairstyles can be prepared from the root of burdock - broth, ointment, home shampoo, butter. Here are some of them:

  1. For broth, take washed and cleaned roots of burdock, pour in liquid and boil for ten minutes. Broth can rinse clean hair and apply it on the skin and roots for their nutrition and strengthen for three to four days, then you should prepare a fresh decoction.
  2. If the process of baldness is accelerated, then it is worth trying to prepare an ointment from burdock roots. It is pre-ground into powder, then three tablespoons of raw materials are taken and boiled in water. When the broth is cooked in half, it is filtered and mixed with melted pork fat in the amount of five tablespoons. The ointment is heated for several hours using a water bath, cooled. Residual liquid is drained.
  3. In cooperation with other plants - ayr and cones of hop, the rhizome of burdock can serve as a raw material for home shampoo.A mixture of components in a volume of seven spoons is poured with water in a volume of a liter and boiled for half an hour, filtered. This shampoo is much more efficient than the purchased one, although it does not foam. And the result will be noticeable after a couple of weeks.

Marigold calvary

Culture with bright orange flowers is often found in the flowerbeds of cities and under the fences in the village. But decorating the world is not the only calling of the plant, because it has been successfully used by cosmetologists and physicians for a long time. Calendula eliminates dandruff and oiliness, helps to preserve the health and beauty of hair.

For home cosmetology, calendula inflorescences are used. Both fresh and dried flowers preserve the whole range of life-giving substances, including essential oils with organic acids, flavonoids with alkaloids, carotenoids with tannins.

  1. The most effective for baldness recognized tincture of the plant. It is made from fresh inflorescences and alcohol, in a ratio of one to ten. If it is regularly rubbed into the head, then you can restore hair and defeat oily seborrhea.
  2. Do you want to save hair or accelerate their growth? Then add chamomile to calendula blossoms,thistles and hop cones. A decoction of this cathedral will give strength to the roots, revive them and strengthen, add shine and silkiness to the curls.

Wonderful calamus

Even in antiquity, such qualities of calamus were noticed, such as the ability to stop the balding process in men and increase the size of the hair in women, which is not surprising if you know its composition. And it is truly wonderful because it consists of gum, camphor, starch, tannins and other elements that are most concentrated in the rhizomes of the plant.

That is why the folk healers in the fall, after the termination of the ground part of the culture, dig up the magic root and include it in medicinal collections, or use it on their own. We offer a decoction of calamus, widely known among the people:

  1. Calamus roots are well ground. We need a tablespoon of raw materials.
  2. Fill a glass of boiling water and insist a few hours.
  3. For greater effectiveness of the broth complement it with one or more components. Alcohol extract of nettle, hop cones, birch leaves, chamomile or arnica flowers, calendula buds or calla grass.This composition is suitable for any type of hair.

Healing coltsfoot

This plant is famous for its excellent expectorant and anti-cold properties, but it may surprise you with its ability to treat hair. This is because everything in mother-and-stepmother is useful. And leaves with tannins, saponins, sitosterol, carotenoids, essential oils, and inflorescences with faradiol, camphor, phytosterol, vitamin C. Usually for strengthening curls the plant is used as decoctions, and the recipe of one of them is as follows:

  1. It will take one tablespoon of any dry part of the plant - flowers or leaves.
  2. The broth filled in with boiled water well insists.
  3. This healing infusion is exceptionally good for rubbing into the skin, and with its daily use, your hair will regain its strength, strength and attractive appearance.

Ordinary daisy

The fact that the usual daisy can work wonders is legendary, and this applies not only to hair. The seemingly inconspicuous plant is a universal healer, a friend and helper in getting rid of many diseases. In the fight against baldness, it manifests itself no worse than the latest mask with serums.

The most popular grass uses in women blondes, as it has another quality - to lighten the curls. In addition, with homemade cosmetics achieved shine and saturation of the hair, for which use the following recipes:

  1. Mask for hair from one raw yolk, half a teaspoon of olive oil and five drops of chamomile oil, is intended for application to the roots for half an hour. It is enough once a week for a course of up to two months.
  2. Another mask can be prepared from equal parts of three components - marigold flowers, lavender with chamomile to make, put in a cooled form on the roots with a cotton pad. Extraordinary effect guaranteed.

Complex approach to the problem

This is a collection of medicinal herbs. To deliver to the weakened roots and thinned hair as much as possible useful substances, it is recommended to use a medical gathering. Some options are listed below:

  • nettle with coltsfoot in equal proportions;
  • plantain with sage, wormwood, and centaury in equal parts;
  • chamomile with horsetail and nettle in equal shares;
  • lime to calendula two to one;
  • nagged with burdock equally;
  • two parts of calamus with one calendula and two parts of hops;
  • heather with burdock and nettle in equal proportions.

All these recipes were known to our great-grandmothers, so their hair was always distinguished by its thickness, strength and softness. Treatment of curls with the help of medicinal herbs is the most safe, natural and effective way, which is still relevant today, which any doctor can confirm. And he successfully competes with industrial cosmetics.

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