What is a lecture?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 25, 2015
What is a lecture?

The word lecture is familiar to almost everyone, since its main meaning is the presentation of the topic or report orally. It should be noted that this concept originates from the Latin word “lectio”, which means “reading”.

Let's see what the lecture is and what the meanings of this word are.

Word meanings

The concept of "lecture" is used when it comes to the educational process in higher education, since lecture classes, that is, classes in which the teacher (or another speaker) presents information verbally, are mainly used in universities and higher educational institutions link. For example, "The teacher gave a lecture on the theme of the attraction of molecules." In this case, we can say that the “lecture” is one of the types of training sessions, during which there is generally no survey of students, there is only dialogue in the lecturer.

Also, this word means public speaking - reading on a specific topic, that is, it is a method of verbal learning: "A series of lectures on the influence of Dostoevsky's work on world literature."

In addition, the word "lecture" may imply a printed course of reading in any subject of teaching in higher education: "A course of lectures in higher mathematics."

In colloquial speech, the word has a figurative meaning, namely, “instruction” or “parting word”. For example, "Father gave him a whole lecture on how to behave in public places."

Such meaning has the word "lecture".

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