What is a motherboard?

Alexander Zolotovtsev
Alexander Zolotovtsev
March 21, 2013
What is a motherboard?

Over the past few decades, scientific and technological progress has made great strides forward. Computers have become constant companions of our lives. Therefore, it is advisable to consider what is the motherboard and its main purpose in the PC.

So, the motherboard is the foundation of a modern computer. It combines all the individual elements (processor, RAM, sound card, hard disk, video card) and synchronizes their work. It is the motherboard that will determine which type of processor (performance, number of processors, etc.) to install, the type and amount of RAM, and other additional hardware.

The motherboard contains in its composition a chipset that synchronizes the work of the processor and other parts. In its composition there are special connectors (so-called expansion slots or sockets) through which additional devices are connected.

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