What is a nuclear battery

The first mention of a nuclear battery was recorded in 2005.

How the atomic battery works and how it works

Indeed, the atomic battery exists. In another way it is called atomic battery or nuclear battery. It is designed to power various mobile devices. A battery of the longest duration has been created due to the process of nuclear decay, since the main element that contributes to the device is tritium. It is from this substance that the atomic battery is powered.
Inside the atomic battery contains a chip, the work of which has the effect of tritium. It is noted that the radioactivity that is emitted by an atomic battery is very, very small, so the device does not cause harm to human health and the environment. The main achievement is the battery life. Without additional recharging, a nuclear battery can last for about 20 years.

Where are atomic batteries used

Atomic batteries are a real achievement, because only such modern devices are able to withstand temperatures from -50 to + 150 ° C, working in extreme conditions. Moreover, it has been proven that they are able to withstand the widest range of pressures and vibrations. In various microelectronics, the service life of an atomic battery varies. But, as mentioned above, the minimum validity period without recharging is 20 years. Maximum - 40 years and more.
As a rule, an atomic battery is used to operate pressure sensors, various medical implants, watches, and lithium batteries for charging. Using the work of this type of battery is powered low-power processors. The size and weight of a nuclear battery is minimal, so the device is ideal for charging spacecraft and research stations.

Possible harm from the atomic battery

Despite the fact that they say that a nuclear battery does not have any harmful effect on human skin, when it comes into contact with it, you should still be careful. This is a relatively new discovery of modernity, so research has been conducted quite a bit.If now, using such a battery to charge a wristwatch, a person does not notice any negative impact, one cannot yet say that this will not further affect the development of all sorts of unpleasant and life-threatening diseases.

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