What is an indicator?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
March 20, 2013
What is an indicator?

The indicator is a rather popular concept used in almost every area of ​​our life. There are indicators in industry, in the computer field, in medicine ... But what is an indicator?

  • In general, an indicator is a device or device that displays any changes with an object or substance. The indicator allows you to see these changes and easily interpret the result. Most often, the indicator is perceived as an electronic circuit that measures the state of the object and visually informs about it.
  • In chemistry, an indicator is a substance that is used to monitor changes in the state of substances.
  • There are also indicators in the economy. These are indicators of certain changes in economic or financial processes. In mathematics, an indicator is a function that determines whether an element belongs to a set.
  • What is the CPU indicator? This term comes from a narrow computer field. This indicator shows the system load, it is a virtual system that is designed to constantly monitor the state of computer memory,processes and open programs on a computer or smartphone. The CPU LED can be opened on any computer using the keyboard keys.

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