What is an online portal?

Alexander Duz
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What is an online portal?

Many users of the world wide web often come across the concept of �Internet portal�, but do not know what it means. In this article we will try to define what an Internet portal is and how it differs from other resources.

By and large, the Internet portal is the same site. The only thing, unlike the latter, it gives the user more options. Often, portals do not have a thematic focus, like regular sites. They combine in themselves a multitude of services that can be considered separate structural units. Such services, as a rule, are mail, weather, news feeds, multimedia galleries, search engines, various catalogs ...

As an example, typical portals are known to all the resources Yandex, Google, Rambler. All of them are structurally complex Internet objects that combine many services under a single domain name.

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