What is Android?

Speech in our article today, dear reader, will talk about what Android is. Few living now know that this operating system is very widely used in communicators, tablet computers, digital players and in many other devices. About this and talk. So:

Android operating system

The company that developed the system was originally called Android Inc. However, soon after its appearance, Google bought both the company and its development. After a while, Google created the Open Handset Alliance, which is developing Android to this day. In general, this system allows you to create Java-applications that are able to manage any device by means of teams from libraries developed by Google.

Root on Android

Let's talk about what is root on Android. Many people who know firsthand about the Linux system, for sure, understood what is being discussed now. Root is the master account on the computer (superuser). If a person has access to this record, then he becomes the owner of opportunities incompatible with a regular user.In other words, if you have a smartphone and you want to get maximum access to its settings, then you just need root-rights. There are only three types of such rights:

  • Full root - you get unlimited access to the software "internals" of the device;
  • Shell root - you also get full access, but the / system folder remains inaccessible.
  • Temporary root - these are temporary root-rights that disappear after rebooting the system of your device.

How can I get root-rights? All ways of getting the desired root are reduced to using various programs. Here is what you can use:

  • The program Universal AndRoot allows you to install the rights for two clicks, but not all devices support this application.
  • The z4root program also allows you to get quick access to root-rights.
  • To use SuperOneClick, you need to connect your smartphone to the computer on which this application is installed. Thus, the phone or tablet opens access after interacting with the PC.

All these programs will be defined by the device as viruses, since in their essence, they are. It should not stop you, dear reader, if you are aiming at the possession of root-rights.

Android cache

Well, now let's talk about what the Android cache is. For normal operation of advanced games on your phone or tablet, a cache is simply necessary. Why? The fact is that the cache is all that music, graphics and more necessary for the performance of the game. As a rule, the cache is automatically downloaded from the game portal when traffic is recorded. All this data is installed in a special folder on the memory card. Sometimes, these files take up a lot of space, because some of them may exceed 300 megabytes.

We hope, dear reader, that you got an idea of ​​what Android is and learned what you were so interested in. Undoubtedly, the Android operating system is a serious competitor in its market and maybe sometime, this system will take the honored place of a leader in the race for high technology over technology, which are designed to improve and accelerate our lives.

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