What is a movie?

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What is a movie?

Have you thought about what is a movie? What is behind this concept, what types of films exist and how are they created? This is an extremely interesting and fascinating art form. When creating a film, not only the result (the finished film) is interesting, but also the process of creating the film itself. Let's find out how movies are made,

Definition of cinema

What is cinema? The term “cinema” is translated from Greek as “recorded movement”. Cinema appeared in the late nineteenth century and at that time all films were exclusively black and white, and the films did not have sound tracks, which is why this period is called the era of silent films. It was at this time that the definition of “cinema” appeared, which described this new art form in the best possible way.

Nowadays, the concept of "cinema" is used, but not very often. Instead, the abbreviated term "cinema" is used. The finished product of this art form is called a film. Also, the term cinema is applicable to cinemas, as an abbreviated name for these facilities.

Movie history

From the point of view of history, cinema in its current form has experienced two epochs. The very first is the era of silent films. This era is known for the fundamental development of cinema. The first silent films were exclusively documentary in nature and their duration did not exceed one and a half minutes. With the development of science and technology, the length of films was increased to 15-20 minutes, which led to the emergence of various cinematic genres. One of the most famous was the comedy genre, which gained popularity thanks to the world-famous film actor, director, screenwriter and composer - Charlie Chaplin.

In 1922, the first black and white film with sound was shown in Berlin. This was the beginning of another revolution in the world of cinema. Most films began to resemble modern theatrical musicals.

The first color films appeared before the technology of creating sound films was implemented. The film was shot on an ordinary black-and-white camera, and during editing, artists manually painted each frame. The beginning of the era of color cinema is considered to be 1935, when the full-length color film Becky Sharp appeared on the screens.

Types and cinema genres

There are only a few basic types of movies. They can be divided into two main types: documentary and artistic films. Documentary film - the very first kind of cinema. Documentary films depict only real events and real personalities. If the film shows the reconstruction of any events, it will be artistic and documentary.

One of the subtypes of documentary films - educational films. They are used for educational purposes and are widely used in the modern education system. Very often, educational films are shown in schools, as it is known that the material presented in the form of a film is absorbed better because of its clarity.

Separately from the documentary is a feature film. The main difference between such films and documentaries is that actors play in fiction, and events can be completely fictional.

Movie genres

Today, there are many different genres of cinema. We will look at a few basic, most common genres.

  • Comedy. The comedy movie genre has always been popular, because everyone loves to laugh heartily.In such films, various comic situations are played out, often completely unexpected and unpredictable, which adds to their effectiveness.
  • Action In this genre of cinema, various scenes of violence, fights, car chases, shootings and so on are played up. Quite often, this genre is combined with fantasy or fantasy.
  • Fantasy and fantasy. In the films of this genre are depicted completely fictional events and characters. It is worth remembering that in science fiction films the main focus is on various technologies and technological progress. Fantasy movies often resemble a fairy tale. In the world of fantasy, habitual science replaces various types of magic and witchcraft.
  • Detectives. This genre shows certain crimes and ways of their disclosure. Often, such films have a complex and intricate plot that makes the viewer feel like the process of searching for a criminal.
  • Melodrama. In this genre, the spiritual part of the life of the characters is revealed, and the main attention is paid to their experiences and emotions.
  • Thriller. This movie genre has no clear boundaries and elements of a thriller may be present in any genre. The essence of the genre is to cause the audience a certain experience, excitement, fear.
  • Horror The name of this genre speaks for itself.In these films, events and heroes are shown, which should frankly frighten the viewer.

Cinema Professions

Have you ever wondered how many people were involved in shooting your favorite movie? Up to several hundred people of various professions can work on one film, and all of them are necessary on the set. Let's look at the main film professions.

  • Actors - it's impossible to make a film without them. The actors are the main actors in the film and are directly involved in the development of the plot.
  • The director - directs the process of shooting the film and is fully responsible for it.
  • Artists - there are many artists on the set. Some are engaged in the production of costumes, others make the scenery. In modern cinema, there are also special effects artists.
  • A make-up artist is a person who can change the appearance of an actor beyond recognition.
  • Screenwriter - creates a literary script of the film. Screenwriters make scenes, write dialogs and so on.
  • Sound producer - deals with all issues related to the film soundtrack.
  • Operator - is engaged in direct shooting scenes for the film.
  • Producer - is engaged in the release of the film at all stages of its production. He forms the project, chooses the director, actors, makes the budget of the picture.

Now, once again watching a movie, you will know how difficult the process of shooting is, as well as how many kinds of art such as cinema can be.

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