What is fashionable to wear a wide belt? (15 photo)

Women's wide belt is an indispensable part of the wardrobe, which is able to emphasize the waist, even if it is not very pronounced. He can decorate a nondescript dress, add a highlight to his trouser suit and make old clothes look new.

He is able to correct the figure, making you visually thinner by several kilograms. To do this, just learn how to choose this accessory.

The belt can be made of various fabrics and leather. There are no special restrictions on color, the main thing is that the final image is harmonious. In all the nuances of choosing this accessory, we will try to figure it out.

If you, wearing a satin dress, understand that something is missing, reach for a wide belt and correct the situation. At the same time, it may differ in color by several tones from the dress, or it may be generally contrasting.

You can simply admire the versatility of this part of the wardrobe. It can be worn not only with a dress, but also trousers, jeans, skirts.And recently it is especially fashionable to combine such a belt and leggings.

Some more ideas

For business women it is important to dress at work in accordance with the dress code. But we all madly want to look spectacular and sexy, despite all the requirements. Using the above-mentioned kind of belt in work clothes, you, first, diversify boring dresses and costumes, and secondly, wearing it, you can afford shirts with a deep neckline. The belt will balance your image and will not allow you to look like a lecherous woman in the eyes of others.

Since we have a long time on the street cold, you can not do without warm dresses and cardigans. Many women are skeptical about these things, because despite all their convenience, they visually increase our figure, making it to some extent formless. So that you can easily wear a beautiful cardigan, without damage to your appearance, add a wide belt to it.

Recently, do not go out. They come in different styles: loose and tight. The peculiarity of the tunic is that they are very comfortable, and in combination with a belt you will feel even more comfortable.

The big belt does not leave fashionable catwalks around the world. Designers are actively using this accessory to decorate the slim bodies of their models. Famous women: singers, actresses and TV presenters, constantly flash in front of journalists in gorgeous costumes, complementing them with various options.

Not only slim ladies, but also owners of magnificent forms can afford to use this accessory. Such a variant of the belt balances the proportions of the body; in large women, it visually reduces the abdomen.

You can wear three or four thin belts at the same time - such an eminent designer as Dior recommends. Woven wide belts, or "pigtails" are also at the peak of popularity. If you are not afraid of outrageous appearance, wear original accessories with complex plaques, loops and stones.

If you wear this accessory over massive furs and coats, you will look more feminine. Nothing bad will happen if the fabric of the main clothes and belts are made of various materials.

From wide belts should refuse women who have significant problems with being overweight.Ladies, weighing more than 100 kg, with a belt at the waist, which simply does not exist, look quite ridiculous. So objectively assess your appearance, and if you have no tangible problems, wear them boldly.

There should be a lot of belts, the main thing is that they be of high quality. After all, such an accessory will attract attention and it will be embarrassing if threads stick out of it. He must be present in the wardrobe!

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