Why are bells heard in a dream?

A dream of a bell ringing can leave a different feeling for the dreamer: a joyful chime in honor of the holiday will bring joy and hope, and alarming alarm will cause fear. Let's see how well-known dream books interpret such dreams.

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What is the sound of bells in a dream?

Female dream book

The lonely sound of a bell is a harbinger of anxiety associated with disappointment in people. A festive chime - the onset of good times, a victory over an opponent

Interpreter Miller

The well-known psychologist interprets this vision: to hear a chime - to learn about the death of a relative or friend. Festive ringing - your business has good prospects. Young people dream predicts a dream come true. A melodic chime predicts that you will emerge from a difficult life struggle with victory.

English dream book

Hear the bell ringing - get good news. For girls and guys, this is a precursor of a wedding with a loved one. Businessmen dream predicts profitable trading and transactions.A sailor, having heard such a pretzone in a dream, can be sure of returning home soon and a successful marriage.

Oriental Interpreter

To hear the bells ringing is a dream, meaning that a friend is in danger. But a cheerful chime is to defeat all enemies.

Dream Interpretation Psychoanalytic

Looking into the depths of the subconscious, the dream book interprets the bell as a desire to bring the situation back and change it. To ring the bells yourself is the voice of the dreamer's awakening conscience.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

A melodic punch, heard in a dream, warns about the perfidy of friends. But you will be glad to know who was hiding under the masks of loyal comrades.

Nabat - a symbol of misfortune, the death of friends.

"Silver" chime - you make the enemy show the true face. Victory will be yours.

"Raspberry" melodic ringing - succeed, dreams will come true.

Ringing a bell alone - complaining to close people about illness and failure.

People's Dream Book

To hear the bells in a dream is an emergency joy: the birth of a child, a wedding, a holiday. But very loud strikes foreshadow the danger. Ringing the bells - to be alarmed, to call for help.

The bell in a dream is a sign of power and strength.But if he is without a tongue, expect weakness, loss of strength. Hear the bell ringing - a quarrel happens. And if in a dream you are ringing the bells, in reality you will argue with someone hot. The distant sound of bells means unfounded rumors.

XXI century interpretation

Bell ringing predicts good news. But if you see the bells, then there is a danger of mortgaging or selling a house. To hear the bells of the evening service - alarms will be replaced by joy, as well as calm old age.

You call yourself - bring joy to others. A dream about a fallen bell means rest. But if it is broken, then you should not talk a lot.

The ringing of the bells is a sign of the necessary spiritual cleansing, recovery. But for a seriously ill patient, sleep can be a harbinger of imminent demise.

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