What is interesting can be seen in the country of Laos?

Do you like an exotic vacation? Then go to amazing Laos. And if you plan a trip in advance, you will definitely get a lot of unforgettable impressions!

Country description

The full name is the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. This country located in the south-east of Asia, bordering on Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia. The capital is Vientiane. The population is small - only about 7 million people, a third of whom live in large cities, especially along the Mekong River. It is noteworthy that among the inhabitants there are representatives of seventy ethnic groups and tribes, and the largest groups are Lao-Teng, Lao-Lum, Lao-Sung.

Geography and nature

There is no exit to the seas near Laos, but this does not repel tourists at all. The main source of water is the Mekong River, which flows along the border of the state (most of the population is concentrated along it - over 95%). The country is predominantly mountainous, and the landscape is almost entirely composed of mountains and hilly areas. The high point is Bia.

The vast territory is occupied by dense forests and real impenetrable jungle, so the air here is quite clean. Here you can find numerous ferns, creepers, bamboos, palms, wild bananas, breadfruit and much more. No less diverse is the fauna, which includes such representatives of the fauna as elephants, monkeys, tigers, panthers, martens, leopards, bears, deer, lynxes, lizards, wild boars, pythons, buffaloes, cobras. Among the birds common ducks, pigeons, pheasants, peacocks.


The climate refers to the monsoon subequatorial and is divided into seasons. The first wet, hot starts in May and ends around October. The second dry, rather cool lasts approximately from November to the middle of winter. And the third hot, arid begins in February and ends in April. The best time to travel to the country, many consider the winter. During this period, you will be able to fully enjoy nature, while not suffering from high humidity, heat and constant rain.

In January, the average temperature indicators are in the range of 15-24 degrees. In July, it is about 25-30 degrees.The hottest place is the Mekong river valley. In spring the temperature in this place reaches 40 degrees. But in the mountainous areas much cooler - no more than 25 degrees.

Flight, accommodation and internal transport

You can get to Laos only by plane, but direct flights are not available, so you have to make a transfer, for example, in Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City. The total duration of the flight, excluding transplantation, will be about eleven hours. To enter the state to stay in it no longer than fifteen days, a visa is not required. But tourists are recommended to issue a medical policy to avoid unpleasant situations.

Customs regime is not the most stringent. Export and import of money is not limited, but the amount exceeding 2 thousand euros is subject to mandatory declaration. Lao currency is not allowed to be exported or imported. Allowed to carry 0.5 kg of tobacco, one hundred cigars or five hundred cigarettes, a bottle of strong alcohol or two bottles of weak, and up to 0.5 kg of jewelry.

Narcotic drugs, any weapons, poisonous and inflammable substances are strictly prohibited.Tourists can not take out non-souvenir images of the Buddha, antiques and antiques and objects of national heritage.

You can stay in one of the hotels, there are a lot of them here, and the prices are quite reasonable. But there is no information about most of them on the Internet. As for public transport, the state network is not developed, but numerous “tuk-tuks” and taxis run through the streets. But the fare is discussed in advance before landing.

The most interesting places

What does a tourist see in Laos? There are many interesting places here, but the following sights deserve special attention:

  • Luang Prabang is the ancient capital of the state, part of UNESCO.
  • National Museum in the once-operating royal palace.
  • Wat-Pra-Bat-Nyy is an amazing trace of the Buddha himself.
  • Tat Chomsi pagoda, located on the Holy Hill.
  • Temple of Wat Luang.
  • Mekong fish farm. From it, products are shipped to different parts of the world.
  • Wild Valley Jah with many unique urns made of stones.
  • Monastery Wat-Visun.

What to do?

What can you do on holiday in Laos? Lesson is enough for a memorable trip.So, you can visit one of the most beautiful temples of the Buddha, enjoy the unique nature, look at one of the local markets and buy some souvenir trinket: a jewel, a piece of clothing, handicraft and so on.

Go to one of the reserves, where you can see the local birds and animals, as well as many plants. And, of course, take a photo against the backdrop of the magnificent mountain scenery of Laos, to preserve memories of an exciting journey.

Culinary features of Laos

The cuisine of Laos is not too diverse, and the main food here is rice, which is generously seasoned with spices and sauces. Also for cooking greens, vegetables are used. Fish, meat and poultry in this country are usually roasted on charcoal or in large amounts of oil.

The most popular drink among the locals is Mac-Mai-Pan. It is prepared from juice and a significant amount of fruit pulp. Ice, condensed milk or cane juice are also added to it.

Recommendations to tourists

Finally, it is worth giving some practical advice to tourists going on holiday to Laos:

  1. Although the security in the country is at a fairly high level, and the crime rates are very low, one should not forget about the simple rules concerning the storage of documents and money. It is not necessary to visit the neighborhood of the border with Cambodia and places near the highway "Route-6" and "Rout-7", here it is dangerous. And in some parts of the state tourists are not allowed because of the remaining mined fields after the 2nd Indochina war.
  2. The national currency is the Lao Kip. It is better to carry dollars with you, it is much easier to exchange them, for example, at the airport, bank or special exchange points. Cards are accepted only in expensive hotels, restaurants of the capital, large branches of banks and in chain supermarkets.
  3. Vaccinate against malaria beforehand. And in the country do not drink tap water, prefer it purified bottled. Products purchased in the markets must be carefully processed.
  4. It is best to buy souvenirs not in the capital, but in small towns: the prices are much lower.
  5. You can get on excursions only with guides, but you can try to contact the Department of Tourism.

We can only wish an unforgettable trip to Laos!

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