What is luxury today?

In an amazing time, we live. Values ​​change before our eyes: ostentatious luxury, expensive minimalism, fast mass market, modest norms, the concept of "less, but better" with a focus on ecology. What have we not met for the last ten years, right? But the world is actually changing for the better, and it is impossible not to recognize.

Consumer behavior of people becomes more conscious and free from stereotypes. For example, the former skepticism about second-hand things has almost come to naught. And with such force that the concept of resale, according to various sources, is the most promising for the next ten years. Fashionistas ricotically buy and sell rare and expensive goods, practically do not lose money and do not clog wardrobe to the eyeballs. The transition from a fashion victim to a far-sighted investor and a cold-blooded shopaholic is associated with some kind of new freedom: fewer people want to be dependent on trends and things, less and less often enjoy the spontaneous (and often hysterical) purchases. "New people" is close to the idea that happiness is not in things.Look back: only a lazy person does not engage in himself today, he is not interested in psychology and self-development. And let it be possible to find fault with this fact and take it with skepticism, the result is obvious: today many people try to seek pleasure in themselves, and not in shopping centers or department stores.

What is luxury today?

So what about luxury? It certainly exists and consists, like happiness, in trifles. Modern luxury actually is, of course, all the benefits of the digital world and its capabilities. Take, for example, the topic of cars. It was as if yesterday everyone took loans for cars and stood daily in the nightly cruel traffic jams. Today, you can never buy a car and feel great. Carsharing is an obvious advantage of modernity. No thoughts about insurance, gas stations, car washes. All you need is rights, money on the card and phone. In the summer, in general, everyone changes to bicycles, and, look closely, more and more often, not students, but respectable men in trousers and shirts, sit behind them. Of course, the overall picture is not like in Europe, where a businessman pedaling is a common phenomenon, but the number of bike users has also grown noticeably here. It should be noted that land transport today is used with great pleasure - is it not a luxury when you can save time and choose?

What is luxury today?

With the apartments the same song.Ten years ago, the number one goal of any couple, for example, was buying a home with accompanying mortgages and loans. Modern people are easier to nest and prefer not to get stuck in one place, experimenting not only with regions but also with countries. Do you remember stories about dream houses in Spain or Bulgaria, which were thrown off by all relatives for the sake of a great idea to come there once a year? All this, without a doubt, is wonderful, but with the same service airbnb you can change the location every summer, live in the most incredible places, imagining yourself as an aristocrat, then downshifter, depending on wishes and opportunities. And this is another obvious luxury of today.

The final chord, perhaps, will be the option "do not cook," which is possible thanks to the services of ready and wholesome food. She, I must say, probably the most serious source of spending. There is coffee, snack there, lunch at a meeting, in the supermarket something just like that - the next day for a new one. And spending on unnecessary ingredients (and sometimes products) that are idle for months at best, at worst - are thrown out? In general, all these delivery services are a real salvation for those who decide to step on the slippery path of proper nutrition.Without them, just go head from the endless calculations of calories and fat.

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