What is negligee

Neglizhe: history and basic meanings

Initially, negligee meant special women's clothing - a kind of long nightgown, resembling a simple dress without luxurious jewelry or a bathrobe. This product was distinguished by ease and convenience. Interestingly, women used it not only for sleeping, but also for morning toilet - they washed and cleaned themselves, drank tea in such a dress, discussed the latest news with friends or maids, talked with her husband and then changed clothes. Also, over time, the word "negligee" appeared and another meaning: so called a special light suit, designed for walking and even for long journeys. Interestingly, if in the first case it was only a female nightgown, then in the second the term “negligee” was used in relation to men's clothing.
Formerly, negligee were called light home-clothes, in which ladies accepted close friends and relatives in their house. This clothing was much more intimate than traditional corsets and puffy skirts, but it had a special style chosen by experienced designers of the time, and charming jewelry designed to highlight the beauty of a woman.

The modern meaning of the word "neglige"

In our time, the word "negligee" has acquired a different meaning. At first they began to call so comfortable, but not too beautiful home clothes, and not only women's but also men's. This word could be called a top with light trousers, and a simple bathrobe. Later, the meaning of the word associated with intimacy increased. In the 18th century, negligee was a very frank outfit, despite the fact that it did not reveal to the viewer any charms of the female body and allowed to see only the outlines of the figure. However, in comparison with the fluffy skirts and other elements of the outfits, it seemed very intimate. Since now you can’t surprise anyone with bathrobes and tight-fitting dresses, the word "negligee" often began to denote really frank things that show only to lovers: translucent short robes, lace elegant nightgowns and other sexy things.
The word "negligee" has an additional meaning, the popularity of which is steadily increasing. Now they call it the very fact of being in the clothes described above. For example, you can use the phrase: “The model was photographed for a negligee magazine,” and this would mean that the girl was wearing a very light and sexy outfit.

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