What is foreplay?

Olga Bespalova
Olga Bespalova
February 2, 2015
What is foreplay?

Prelude is a word that came to us from the Latin language. The question of what is prelude, many are asked, which is not surprising: after all, this word has several different meanings.

In a figurative sense, the word "prelude" means an introduction to something or a threshold to something. Example: prelude to attack.

The meaning of the word "prelude" in music

And what is the prelude in music? In the musical field, preludes have two meanings.

  • First, the prelude is called the introductory part to any musical work. For example: prelude to operetta.
  • Secondly, the prelude is called a full-fledged finished piece of music, which, as a rule, is written for piano, is small in volume and has no fixed form. For example: Mozart's preludes.

Initially, the preludes each time preceded more complex, long and strictly designed musical works (this explains both their name and the first meaning of the word).However, later composers began to compose preludes as independent works (hence the second meaning of the word). Such preludes in style are often reminiscent of improvisation, they often have ostinato.

Preludes, being independent works or introductions to any musical compositions, are most often written for piano, harpsichord and organ. Composers create whole cycles of preludes and fugues, as well as exclusively preludes.

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