What is syrtfood?

Initially, “street food” was a simple, no-frills food that could be bought on the street for a small amount of money, so it was in demand only from the poor segments of the population in some countries. Now, street-foot has received massive development in many parts of the world and according to statistics, about two and a half billion people eat fast street food every day, and these are people with very different income levels.

The philosophy of modern street food

What is modern "street food"? This is not only an opportunity to eat quickly, because the rhythm of life has accelerated significantly, and there is no longer enough time for a long meal, but also a part of the culture of each individual country. In this system of fast catering are reflected:

  • state history;
  • social situation in the country;
  • economic situation.

Now even a special kind of tourism has appeared - “gastronomic”, when travelers set themselves the goal not to see the sights, but to try food, which becomes the “calling card” of the country.Everything else on tour for them serves as a nice addition to local delicacies.

The advantages and disadvantages of "street food"

Of course, street food has firmly entered our lives, and we no longer imagine a walk, without a light or not so good, snack on the go. However, this food has its advantages:

  • affordability;
  • prevalence - in any country, locality, on the street;
  • cooking speed;
  • satiety and good taste;
  • opportunity to take in a convenient package and have a snack right there or not far away,

and cons:

  • lack of confidence in the freshness of products;
  • possible unsanitary conditions of preparation and use;
  • excessive spiciness, fat content of food;
  • the harm of rapid absorption for the digestive tract;
  • high calorie.

Fast street food is still not welcomed by doctors and nutritionists, and losing weight, people with overweight, with this schedule and method of eating does not exactly threaten.

Varieties of food in the street

So, what can different countries offer us as a street food today? What dishes and drinks can you taste in Europe, Asia and in our homeland? Usually everything that is sold outside the catering facilities,in places of special concentrations of people in the form of markets, squares, embankments and the like, it is prepared right there in special mobile kiosks or offered from trays.

Preference is given to various snacks and quick meals, which require a limited time for cooking or ordinary heating directly in the presence of a potential feeder. Among the simplest examples of street food, everyone can name the usual to most people:

For serving, use a special disposable tableware or foil packaging for ease of eating.

Street food forms

In all countries, “street food” is presented in three forms, when food and drinks are sold:

  • from trays;
  • from vans;
  • from stationary tents.

Mobile snack bars and stationary kiosks are usually equipped with a shop window with goodies sold, as well as a small room with everything needed for cooking - fire and water, equipment depending on specialization - grill and surface for frying meat or pancakes, refrigerators.

The trays are distinguished by a bright coloring for visibility from a distance with logos advertising famous companies or restaurants.In most cases, in the countries of the West and the East, street food is a private family business. A particularly popular vans because of the mobility and coverage of a larger segment of buyers, especially in Europe and America.

The most "hot" time for street vendors in summer, the tourist season, festivals, championships, holidays and other events with mass festivities of residents and guests of the village. Tents, trays and vans on such days can not be counted, but not to try all the goodies. In the tents you can even taste soups and main dishes with salads, and not just pizza or hot dog.

Features of the world "street food"

Social differences of countries are observed in local street food. For example, in Bangladesh you will never meet a female seller, because its purpose is home and children, and in Thailand there are a large number of women among the sellers. Geography and climate are also reflected in the composition of the food. For example, in India it is spicy, but not in mountain Vietnam, though not less abundant in spices with herbs.

Asia can offer a lot of options of dishes, starting with Chinese and Thai variety of snacks:

  • oyster omelette;
  • Chinese Baozi Manti;
  • ficus jelly;
  • other exotic goodies,

ending with edible insects. With the Japanese, everything is done in detail, and eating is a true art that does not tolerate fuss. And “food on the go” for them is a sign of a lack of culture. But here, however, there is a Japanese street "onigiri".

Street food of Europeans is more familiar to us - french fries and burgers, coffee and waffles. But in Amsterdam, street food can be salted herring adored by the population, roasted chestnuts in Paris. In Berlin, you can taste the famous German sausages, fried with curry or other sauces. In Russia, you can not do without pancakes and kvass. In general, straight-foot is everywhere to eat it!

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