What is the appropriating farm?

The very essence of the appropriating economy was that the ancient man used all that nature could provide him — that is, appropriated its fruits. There are three forms of appropriating economy: gathering, hunting and fishing. Despite the fact that, in accordance with the teachings of Darwin, the gathering and hunting were inherited by the ancient man from ancestors and the animal world, it must be borne in mind that in the pure form of appropriation of natural wealth by the ancient man never happened. After all, even in the very early stage of its development, he had to invent tools that did not exist in the world around him. Thus, for example, the first remains of homo habilis (“a man of skill”) were found in the Oldowaysk gorge in East Africa. These people were able to split stones in a special way, using the resulting sharp tools to dismember the carcasses.
The man of the late Paleolithic led already much more diverse appropriating economy, using in his work about 20 items.He even had needles in order to make uncomplicated clothing made of hides. The progress of the ancient people gained momentum, and over a short period of time by historical standards, the structure of the appropriating economy was formed.
Scientists consider its main features:
- collective production;
- communal farming, characterized by equalization assignment;
- equal dependence of people on each other and on the natural cycle;
- the predominant use of stone tools;
- technical progress, developing at a slow pace;
- low population density;
- the division of labor according to gender and age.
The elements of the appropriating economy have been present in the life of various tribes and peoples for a very long time. For example, the Eastern Slavs moved to the next phase of the economy, which is called producing, only about V thousand BC.

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