What is the dream in which you see the nose

The nose seen in a dream can be interpreted in different ways and size, color is what matters, whether it's your nose or someone else's. Interpretations of dreams about noses are often associated with forebodings and warnings.

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Nose in a dream
Nose in a dream

According to the Russian national dream book

Look at your nose in a dream - wait for trouble.

By Gypsy Dream Book

A big nose is a sign of good luck, multiplication of wealth, friendship with an influential man, a short nose or lack of it promises loss and quarrel, losing a nose — debauchery, a double nose — a quarrel with a fight, snub-nose — naive dreams.

Female dream book

The female dream book believes that the nose is good luck in the started business, but if the nose is too small, you can not count on success. Nose hair is an unusual idea that will come true thanks to the character and energy of the dreamer.

According to the dream book of Aesop

Itchy nose - a premonition of troubles, dangers, you need to be attentive to cases that offer to hold unfamiliar faces - they can expose you to their frauds.If someone else's nose makes it difficult to concentrate and constantly distracts - you can not solve issues in a hurry, it is better to wait and think again.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book

A big nose dreams of riches and protection, a small one - to deception, lost - to parting, if someone is grabbed by the nose, it means there is a new relationship ahead.

According to the Dreamman of the Wanderer

Why dream of a nose? The nose is a symbol of intuition, curiosity, authority. See someone else's nose - someone will interfere and harm matters, hairy - to money, pimply - to insults and frustration, lost - to illness and divorce, small - to calm.

Big Dream

In the Big Dreambook, especially if it is big, it means profit, small to insults, to wipe the nose - rest from worries and affairs, to grab - to love.

According to the dream book Hasse

Nose dreams to drink, if it is crooked - you need to be careful with alcohol. The nose disappeared - to death, turned red - a danger to health, beaten - a trap, not breathing - to grief.

Dream Miller

Seeing your nose means that the business will be completed, thanks to the strength of character and will. A dream about a big nose - to luck, about a small one - to a breakdown of plans. Two noses - big losses, blow your nose - to the present, a pimple - your rivals will bypass you.A hairy nose - fortunately, and not to have it at all - to deception and grief, a broken or broken nose means that someone is stopping you from carrying out your plans. Blood from the nose, one's own or someone else's - a misfortune, a disease.

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