What is the dream of a former guy - the interpretation of sleep by dream book

Love relationships are always unpredictable, and what seemed endless and deep yesterday can today turn into dust and frustration. So the girls are often interested in knowing what the former guy dreams about. After all, the situation itself is quite alarming and ambiguous. Some psychologists quite confidently say in such cases that the lady just has not yet let go of her beloved and often thinks of him waking, scrolling in her head the possible situations and words that she could say at the meeting. But is it really? What do popular dream books say and do their interpretations agree?

According to Wangi's dream book

If you believe the popular dream Vanga, then to dream of a former guy - do not worry. Such pictures, which came during a night's rest, can mean the past itself, the past, the old. As a former guy, you should not think about how you can return it.The young man should be let go and start a new interesting life, but already without him. Otherwise, such a relationship threatens to become a burden and test. Moreover, on the way of life of the girl there can be serious problems and bad difficulties, which you couldn’t even imagine.

Also, Vanga’s dream book states that a dream in which a former boyfriend appeared could dream of:

  • suffering;
  • melancholy;
  • sadness;
  • the emergence of a desire to return former love and past unsuccessful relationships.

If you often dream of a young man with whom you have long parted, then it is worth fearing for a real romance. For a girl there is a risk that relatives are against him. Also beware of breaking the love affair.

Note! When in a dream you have to see that now you are happy with your past man and everything is fine with you, this indicates the possibility of starting a new serious relationship, which with high probability will develop into a successful marriage.

According to the Dreamman of the Wanderer

It is possible to interpret the image of a former boy in a dream in the dream book of the Wanderer. Past favorite young man can dream of a new novel.The nocturnal image can be interpreted as the beginning of something new and pleasant. In this case, the upcoming relationship will be serious and long. The girl will definitely not have to regret them. However, in this case there is an important condition. Such a dream will really lead to something good, if in a dream you feel comfortable.

When it seems to you in the arms of Morpheus, the previous guy quarrels with you, swears, calls names or even beats, then the likelihood of making a difficult choice is high in the near future. You have to choose a new life partner, and it will be extremely difficult to do this.

The former lover's smile can bring both the strengthening of today's novel, and serious health problems.

According to Freud's dream book

It is most interesting to interpret what you are dreaming about and why a former guy or even a legitimate husband, according to the dream book of Freud. The interpretations in this case are strongly “tied” to sexual desires and carnal thoughts. It is believed that to see him in a dream - to a quarrel with today's chosen one. In this case, the girl herself will be the culprit of the scandal and the tiffsince he deliberately or accidentally gives out to him his thoughts and dreams about another man.

Also, a former young man can dream of his old darling, symbolizing:

  • quick marriage;
  • new romance in the near future;
  • upcoming marriage proposal;
  • fateful acquaintance with the future spouse.

But to see sex with a former lover in a dream means dissatisfaction with the present. Moreover, this concerns not only relationships, but also one’s own life as a whole. Such a dream can act as a symbol of hidden sexual desires and impulses.

According to the Modern Dream Book

If you often dream of a former boyfriend, then according to the Modern Dream Book, this may mean not cooled feelings towards this person. Relationships can not be called complete. In your heart, love still glows, and in your soul - there is a belief that everything can be returned and corrected.

At the same time, it is considered that to see an old lover in a dream as if nothing bad happened and there was no separation, this indicates a solution to the problem in reality. You let him go and are ready for a new romance.

According to the female dream book

And what can the female dream book tell about such nightly “movies”? If you dream of a former lover, but at the same time during the daytime you do not think about this person, then, probably,subconsciously, there is still the thought of the possibility and desire to return to the old relationship. If you broke up with him because of him, then you literally tear to pieces. On the one hand, you believe in the opportunity to start everything from the beginning, but at the same time, you want to forget about it and no longer remember the traitor. When this is the case, do not try to enter the same river twice. Look for new acquaintances and novels.

If the previous novel was completed at the initiative of the girl, then the essence of such dreams lies in the presence of doubt. Subconsciously, you still assess the correctness of your actions. Perhaps look for evidence that further love story would not work. Explain to yourself that the reasons for separation were really compelling.

According to Miller's dream book

If you often dream of a former young man, try to interpret what he saw from Miller’s dream book. Quarrel with old lover - to a new novel. It will be bright, stormy and unforgettable. See an intimate relationship with the previous guy - to the trouble, scandals, quarrels, quarrels. If you dreamed of kisses with him, then it is believed that soon you will be waiting for news.But it is not necessary that they be pleasant.

On a note! Worst of all, if a former partner insults you or raises your hand to you. It only says that you are truly afraid of the new chosen one, because he dominates you and suppresses your will, dreams, aspirations.

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