What is true, and what is false in the show "Battle of psychics"

Who are the participants of the show: gifted people or just talented actors?

Mikhail Porechenkov: �Pay for tips�

For 10 years, which goes "Battle of psychics", filmed for 17 seasons. Each of them had its stars. Having become famous, the former participants in the battle earn a lot of money. One hour of their work costs an average of 15−40 thousand rubles.

The flow of magicians and witches does not dry out from season to season. Whatever the participant, the second is Vanga Nostradamus. And the audience is gnawing at the question: �Is the battle of psychics� true or a lie?

The former show host Mikhail Porechenkov has added fuel to the fire.

�I worked with them for a long time. Kaldy-baldy, as they said in childhood. All lies! �- Michael arranged for the revelation of� The Battle of Psychics �on� Our Radio �.

Photo: TNT channel

Of course, I want to believe in a miracle, but how can I not take the words of the man who led the show from the 1st to the 7th season as the truth? Porechenkov told what the �Battle of psychics� really is.

�At first it was very interesting to work. We really believed, - Michael admitted "".- And then they understood the technology of work. There are people who suggest, who conclude contracts with them in advance. And when I realized that it brings money to someone, I left it. There were moments when participants understood something. Although none of the psychics could not stand the test with which I came to them. �

How magicians work outside the show

The fact that psychics pay for tips, people told on the forums back in 2009:

�One of the participants in one of the battle is my sister�s friend. All true, not a staging, not a show. But there are those who pay, and they are pulled, give the correct answers to the questions asked. �

�I know a psychic from the very first battle. The tasks are real, but the winners are really pulling and paying for them. �

Someone checked the strength of the former combatants on themselves.

�I went to the reception to Zulie Radjabov (the winner of the 2nd season. - Approx. Ed.),� Alina writes. - I almost burst into tears from annoyance, because everything is by! And about me, and about my family. She gave 95 thousand. "

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However, not all curse psychics.

�I had Natalia Vorotnikova (the winner of the 1st season. - Approx. Ed.), - writes the user under the nickname Van.- About the past does not speak, mainly about the future. At first I thought it was nonsense, but after four years almost everything came true. And she said, did not ask anything. "

Needless to say, Porechenkova was disliked by the show participants for exposing the �Battle of psychics�. But there were those who supported the lead.

�I partially agree with Mikhail,� admitted �� the finalist of the 6th season Ziradin Rzayev. �I saw the participants talking to a phantom, show karate techniques ... These people just play - this is a show by 99.9%."

Singer Danko: "All Shows - Editing"

�The Battle of Psychics� is true or a lie "? The singer Danko has an unequivocal opinion on this matter. Once he had an affair with Julia Wang - the winner of the 15th season, and even participated in the program.

- Wang did not show her psychic abilities. The usual glamorous party girl, which thousands, - said the singer "". - I participated in the filming of "The Battle of Psychics" and saw with my own eyes how this is done. Clairvoyants are given an assignment. Each shot within an hour. And during this hour he pronounces all possible answers. From the footage, the editors select the appropriate answers and customize the entire story.Editors know in advance who will win.

Photo: freeze frame transfer

Catherine Gordon: "For the whole project two or three talents"

Exposure of the �Battle of psychics� was arranged by the TV presenter Katya Gordon.

�I know some newly-born wizards that were produced by the show as geniuses of clairvoyance,� she wrote in her. - Julia Wang was engaged in erotic exorcism in nightclubs and expelling demons with perhydrol (I personally dyed her hair) ... My colleagues working on the project do not even hide in private conversation that there are no miracles there, it is a staging and a show. Of course, during the era of project creation there were talented and sensitive people, but there were two or three of them. The rest is photos and artists of burnt theaters. �

Alena Vodonaeva: �Psychics have powerful energy�

But Alena Vodonaeva, who happened to be �Mr. X� at the battle, is about a completely different opinion about the show. TV presenter says: nothing is rigged, everything is for real.

�When I returned from the filming of the program, I had bleeding at the same time ... I think that the thirteen people who took part in the test then affected me with their energy,� Vodonaeva admitted.

The psychics and another guest of the program were shocked by the actress Nastasya Samburskaya. Some participants told such details of her life that the girl carefully concealed: about her brother, about her difficult childhood and difficult relationship with her mother.

Marat Basharov: �Draw your own conclusions�

Photo: Photoxpress

The mastery of psychics is defended by the show host Marat Basharov.

�If you think that those tears of people who are in the frame, tears of joy or grief, - all this is staged, everything is played, it means that very good actors participate in the program. In fact, at 42, I learned to distinguish sincere joy, regret, or grief of people from fake ones. If someone thinks that this is not true, let him think it, �Basharov replied to the accusations of Porechenkov in an interview.

Marat admitted: he was already tired of answering the questions: �Is the battle of psychics true or a lie?� The leader urges not to listen to anyone and to draw conclusions.

Familiar with the behind-the-scenes life of the show and actress Vera Sotnikova.

�We sometimes have miracles on the program, after which I can�t come to my senses for a long time,� said Vera, the host of the Perfect Repair program.- When a psychic denotes a situation and speaks some truth that no one has ever known, it is impossible not to believe it, because you cannot play like that. I will say this: everyone will be given according to his faith. �

Sergey Safronov: �I felt myself crawling into my head�

The illusionist over the years of participation in the show to psychics is still skeptical. Safronov is sure that most magicians are just good psychologists.

�But, I confess, in 2010 I felt that they were getting into my head,� Safronov said �.� - It was Lilia Khegai on the test with hockey player Alexander Kharlamov. Psychics had to find a place for the death of his father and say who he was. Lily was talking about some stick, I asked her to draw. For a few seconds I disconnected, and on paper she printed the letter �G�. There is a monument at the accident site - just a stick and a puck. �

On the whole, Safronov admits, the audience doesn�t care whether the truth is shown or not.

�People watch a mystical detective story based on real events,� says the eternal skeptic, but he assures that all the stories of the program, all its characters, are real people.

�There is no scenario!� Says the illusionist.

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