What is: Vodyanova posted a photo without makeup

Even light wrinkles do not spoil the beauty of a supermodel.

Even in our age of social networks, thanks to which we have seen stars not only with a full parade, but also at home, not every celebrity will dare to upload unvarnished photos to your Instagram with a million subscribers. But Natalya Vodyanova in this regard is an example to everyone. Supermodel has shared today the roadframe on which she is drinking a cup of something hot.

“I feel that I have to drink a bucket in the next 6 days. Rest in the background, and ahead of London, Marseille, Paris, Tokyo, Vladivostok and Moscow. Do you think I'm ready? ”- the supermodel flirts with its subscribers, having just rested with the whole family in Spain. And while on it a single gram of cosmetics!

Photo: @natasupernova

Natalia did not even use a tonal tool to hide light wrinkles on her forehead and dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep - after all, the mother of five children. And while it looks so beautiful that at least right with this picture - on the cover of the gloss.

Fans also enjoyed this photo."Hooray! Bravo! This beautiful human face! How tired are these “impaled” silicone instagram divas! Good girl! Pride! Good for you! ”- several hundreds of enthusiastic comments of this kind wrote to her, and even Milla Jovovich gave likes under the post.

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