What kind of help you need to provide a child with an iron burn

Children constantly need to learn something new, to touch, to understand how all household appliances in the house work. Sooner or later, the queue can reach the iron. It is worth the mother only to turn away for a second, and the baby has already touched the hot iron and got burned.

How to determine the degree of burn?

The burn received from contact with a hot iron is called thermal. Depending on the damage to the skin, there are several degrees of severity: first (redness and swelling of tissues appeared on the skin), second (some time after a burn, blisters with liquid appear on the skin), third (all layers of the skin are damaged), fourth (charring, damage not only skin, but also tendons, muscles and bones).
From contact with the iron, young children are more likely to get first and second degree burns, but it is important to take into account the area of ​​the burned surface.

First Aid for a Child with Iron Burns

As soon as the baby is burned, he needs to immediately give first aid. Immediately I want to warn you what should not be done: to touch the affected areas of the hands, this will not only increase the pain, but may also lead to the appearance of an infection, use creams, ointments, oils, iodine, brilliant green to lubricate the skin of burned hands. It is forbidden to open the bubble, wipe the burns with cotton wool and use a plaster.
As soon as the baby has burned his hand, the damaged area must be held under a stream of cool water for at least 5 minutes. Water will reduce pain and help the child calm down. You can also attach several ice cubes wrapped in a bandage to the burned area of ​​the arm. But, if a bubble appears, it is absolutely forbidden to wet the burn!
To avoid the appearance of a bubble, you should immediately after touching the iron, lubricate the hand of the child with Panthenol. To reduce pain and discomfort, doctors recommend giving analgesics. Before medical treatment, the affected part of the arm should be covered with a bandage dipped in a solution of potassium permanganate or furatsilin, this will help avoid infection and other negative consequences.
If the hands burn severely, you should immediately consult a doctor or call an ambulance. Remember, only a specialist can correctly determine the degree of burn and prescribe the correct treatment. Helping a child alone is only possible if the burn is a first degree and a small area. In other cases, self-medication can cause infection and blood infection.

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