What does cat zoster look like?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
March 22, 2013
What does cat zoster look like?

Is your cat not calm? Is she constantly worried about something? And you inspect her, maybe she has versicolor. What looks like zoster cats, they know not all. Let's talk about it.

Be careful not to get infected

The most common fungal disease in cats is lichen. When this disease affects its hair, it can pose a threat to humans, as they can become infected. Trichophytosis and microsporia are two types of lichen that are common in cats today. If the animal is in contact with an infected animal or with its toys or bedding, then there is the possibility of infection.

If your cat has been infected with lichen, then you need to know how the cats look deprived. First, she will have small spots on which there is no wool. Then they will increase. At a time when the cat has contracted a lichen, the incubation period of the disease can last from a couple of days to several months. The areas of skin that are left without wool will become crusted with scales, and reddening of this skin may also occur. The cat is worried and trying to lick these affected areas.Do not allow her to do this, because the lichen can spread throughout the body.

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