What nutrition is needed for breast growth

First of all, it should be said that the size of the breast, according to the statements of geneticists, is a factor that directly depends on heredity. Moreover, the girl can inherit this feature both on the maternal and on the paternal side (the close female relatives are taken into account). However, the lack of development of secondary sexual characteristics during puberty may be a consequence of a malfunction in the endocrine system of the adolescent’s body, and therefore, before taking any steps towards increasing breast size, it would be nice to consult an endocrinologist, if necessary, will issue a referral for appropriate tests and prescribe a special diet.

Thus, besides the hereditary factor, hormones also influence breast size. These are the so-called sex hormones: prolactin, estrogen and progesterone. Each of these types of hormones is necessary for the normal development of the reproductive system.

With the help of food, you can adjust the production of a hormone by the body itself.However, it should be remembered that some products contain phytohormones and should not be abused, because the body may eventually stop producing the necessary hormones on its own.

So, makingestrogenstimulate products such as:

  • legumes;

  • cereals;

  • milk and dairy products;

  • flax seeds and linseed oil;

  • vegetables (for example, carrots);

  • herbs (hops, sage, licorice, mallow, calamus).

Help the body produceprogesteroneThe following products are capable of:

  • vegetables (carrots and green vegetables);

  • legumes;

  • milk and dairy products;

  • meat and poultry;

  • raspberry (fruit);

  • fruits (apples, figs, apricots, persimmon, avocados);

  • herbs (yarrow, motherwort, raspberry leaves and branches).

Herbs are used in the form of infusions and decoctions, other products are eaten in the usual way.

Unlike estrogen and progesterone, hormone levelsprolactinmust remain low for the normal development and functioning of the adolescent's reproductive system. Therefore, it is desirable not to abuse protein products of animal origin (meat, fish, hard cheese), as well as limit the consumption of nuts, soybeans and soy products.

For the normal development of the breast is important to a balanced diet with a full protein, fat and carbohydrates. In this case, preference is better to give vegetable fats.

It is recommended to completely abandon:

  • roast;

  • smoked products;

  • different types of sausages (with the exception of homemade sausages);

  • margarine (in favor of high-fat butter);

  • products containing synthetic dyes and flavors;

  • mayonnaise, sweets, confectionery products of industrial production;

  • as well as from other products containing harmful synthetic additives.

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