What places to visit in Berlin?

If you want to visit Berlin, then first find out which places of this city are worth your attention.

What is interesting in Berlin?

So, what to see a tourist in Berlin? We offer the most interesting places of this city:

1. Berlin Wall. Many people come here just because of this wall. Previously, it was a three-meter concrete fence enclosed with barbed wire, which once divided the country into two independent parts. The length was as much as 160 kilometers!

The Berlin Wall is a place for creativity

A lot of people suffered because of this wall, many were killed. Only in 1989 she fell. At that time, some began to issue visas permitting to cross the border, but people began to act decisively, so that soon the fence began to destroy. Today, only isolated fragments remain from the former Berlin Wall, but they are also significant from a historical point of view.

Berlin Wall

By the way, some fragments were painted by famous artists and sold for fabulous sums.Today, few will be able to remember exactly where the wall was located, but soon everything will change, because the restoration of fragments of this unique structure is planned.

2.If you list the sights of Berlin, you can not forget aboutReichstag. This is the building of the German Parliament with a rich history. Thus, the construction lasted more than 10 years and was completed in 1894. The building was truly majestic and beautiful, and adorned its huge glass dome, which attracted the attention of every German. But in 1993 a strong fire started, because of which the Reichstag was badly damaged.


According to one of the versions, the initiator of this fire was Adolf Hitler himself, for whom the construction later became a real symbol of power. But the building since the time of the fire was empty. During the World War, the Reichstag was almost completely destroyed, and the restoration began only in 1961 and was completed in 1964. But the new building was practically not used. And it was only after the reunification of East Germany and the West that the government finally moved here.

3. Brandenburg Gateare practically the visiting card of Berlin, like the Eiffel Tower for Paris.This large-scale building with a height of over 25 meters, located in the heart of the capital of Germany and is not only majestic, but also historically important.

Brandenburg Gate

They built the gates back in 1791 on the orders of Frederick William II, who at that time was the king of Germany. The construction was carried out for three years, and the main gate of the Athenian Acropolis was taken as the basis for the sketch. Then the statue of the goddess of the world Irena (by the way, the second name of the gate, the Gate of the World) was hoisted to the top of the gate, which was later taken away by Napoleon Bonaparte to Paris.

But then the sculpture was won back and returned to its place. Today, the goddess looks a bit different than before: instead of an olive branch, she holds a cross. During the war the gates were partially destroyed, but then they were restored.

4. Pergamon. This landmark is located on the famous Museum Island. The museum amazes with its grandeur and allows you to dive into the distant times. It is located on the river Spree in the city center. The construction of the building lasted about 30 years, the best architects took part in the design and construction.


After the war, the museum was restored, but even today it looks like it has been standing for hundreds of years.The museum collection is a collection of exhibits belonging to the epochs of ancient Asia, antiquity and Islamic culture. Here you can see amazing sculptures, various intricate arches and gates. Be sure to look closely at the altar of Zeus, he is fascinating for its beauty.

5.If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit the famousBerlin Zoowhich occupies one of the first places in the world in the number of animal species available here. In this natural corner there are only about 13 thousand different animals that feel great and delight visitors. There are also rare members of the animal world, such as pandas, wingless kiwi birds, as well as huge gorillas.

Berlin Zoo

Coming here, you can spend the whole day on a walk, because you will certainly want to get to know each of the inhabitants of the zoo. And if you decide to take a look at the aquarium (and it’s worth it), you can see reefs with sharks and rare fish, ocean landscapes with amazing animals, as well as crocodiles and their habitats. At the entrance to the zoo you will see two huge elephants, but not real ones, but stone ones.

6. Museum of Sensuality Beate Uze. If you decide to go on a trip with your second half, then go to this museum. What's so interesting? Many things! In general, the museum itself is part of the sex shop of the same name, which in the distant 1962 opened Beate Uze. And this institution was almost the first in the world of its kind, because at that time everything that was associated with eroticism was considered vulgar and low. But Beate changed the opinion of many, so no one was going to close the store.

Museum of erotica Beate Uze

The museum, on the basis of a sex shop, was opened in 1996. Today it occupies three floors and 2000 square meters of space. Here you can see exhibits from different times and from different parts of the world. Some were brought from distant countries, including Indonesia. These include pornographic films, various drawings, and toys.

7. Charlottenburg Palaceis one of the largest palaces in the world. The building was built at the end of the 17th century at the whim of Sophia-Charlotte, which was the wife of the Prussian king Frederick I. For a long time the palace was the residence of the royal family.

Charlottenburg Palace

By the way, it was from Charlottenburg that the amber room was presented, presented to Peter I. Behind the building there is a chic garden,the most interesting places of which are the mausoleum in which some members of the royal family are buried, as well as the belvedere (there you can see the porcelain museum).

Today, tourists can visit only some rooms of the palace. You can also look at the New Pavilion, which houses art from the times of the famous German architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

8. Berliner Fernzeeturm TV Tower. This is not only one of the tallest television towers in the world, but also a visiting card of Berlin. If you decide to climb the tower, you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the city and even its surroundings. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 203 meters, and the total height of the structure is 368 meters.

TV Tower Berliner Fernzeeturm

The ascent to the TV tower is carried out using an elevator and lasts almost a minute. And by all means visit the coffee shop located right on the TV tower. It rotates around the tower and makes 1 full turn in 30 minutes.

9. "Europe Center". If in 5 days you went around all the interesting places and now you are planning to buy presents, then be sure to check out here. Today it houses about 70 shops, several restaurants and cafes, a cinema, a bank, as well as office premises, hotels and residential buildings.

Europe center

On the roof of a tall skyscraper there is a huge emblem of the Mercedes-Benz company.The “Globe” fountain is located in front of the center, and in the courtyard you can see the dancing and singing “Lotus” fountain.

10. Berlin dungeons- this is not one place, but a whole network of underground rooms and structures that have survived since the war. Here you can see cabinets, bomb shelters, catacombs, bunkers, and entire buildings. By the way, a tour of the dungeons is intended for persons over 15 years of age, so be prepared for conflicting emotions.

Berlin dungeons

Now you know that you can see interesting things in the capital of Germany.

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