What rules must be followed for a healthy sleep

First of all, do not forget that your sleep should last at least six hours, and ideally 8-9. During this time, your body has time to relax and gain strength and energy to carry out the upcoming cases with maximum productivity. If you spend less time on sleep, this will entail a lot of problems. People with chronic sleep deprivation are more irritable and stressful, they cannot concentrate and concentrate on a specific occupation, they become absent-minded and forgetful. Coordination of movements also worsens and the process of thinking slows down, not to mention the fact that the digestive process is disturbed and the body becomes prone to obesity. This is not all the troubles that are the result of lack of sleep, and if you do not want to deal with them, then you should seriously think about the time that you give to sleep.

In addition to the number of hours allocated for rest, which are so important for the body, it is also necessary to properly distribute them throughout the day. This is also an equally important aspect for maintaining health. The most suitable time for sleep is considered to be night, starting at ten o'clock in the evening. In extreme cases, it can be postponed until midnight, but in no case later. From this time until four o'clock in the morning the body can be in a state of deep sleep, which is the most useful and productive. If you take it as a rule that falls at this time, then soon you will see for yourself the result, which will certainly please you. It will manifest not only in the internal state of the organism, but also in your appearance. Bags under the eyes, which are a clear sign of lack of sleep, will disappear, the skin will become fresher and healthier, the look will be vigorous and cheerful. In order to have a full night's sleep, you should abandon the daytime sleep, which only creates the illusion of rest and does not allow the body to truly relax.

Also an important factor is the clothes in which you sleep. Her choice should be approached not less responsibly.For sleep, loose pajamas that are not chilling, or nightgowns, which also should not fit your body, will be more suitable. When choosing pajamas, it is better to give preference to cotton fabrics, they will enable your skin to breathe freely while you sleep. But the best option would be to sleep without clothes at all, if you have such an opportunity. In this case, you just will not interfere with anything during sleep and the body will be able to completely relax.

We should not forget that to sleep on an empty stomach is not only harmful, but also extremely difficult. If you want to eat, your brain will not be able to relax and sleep. It will focus on the body's need for food and will not let you fall asleep for a long time, tormenting the urge to eat. It is not necessary to eat tightly just before bedtime. It will also negatively affect your sleep. The body will begin the process of digestion eaten by you and it certainly will not be up to rest. The last evening meal should be from four to two hours before bedtime. This time is enough to complete all the necessary processes of digestion.It is not recommended to drink strong coffee or tea before bedtime, they will invigorate you and will not let you fall asleep. It is better to drink milk with honey or infusion of mint, which will contribute to a good, peaceful sleep.

However, it happens that you lie down at the right time, observe all the rules, put on a comfortable nightgown, but you still cannot fall asleep. This most often occurs due to the large amount of stress experienced by the body during the day and left its imprint in your mind. Also, do not let fall asleep thoughts about problems at work, upcoming important things and all sorts of worries. All this should be put off in the morning and try to relax. Very beneficial effect on the body walk at bedtime in the fresh air or small loads a few hours before bedtime. Also well relaxed shower or warm bath before bedtime, in which you can add soothing aromatherapy oils. Plays a big role and your bed. It should be comfortable, but not too soft.

Adhering to all the above rules, you can provide yourself with a healthy sleep, improve well-being, provide the body vigor for the whole day and enjoy all the pleasures of life with pleasure, despite its crazy rhythm.

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