What should a real man and should

With a real man in the female sense, it seems decided, but with the "must" is not so simple. Let's push from the eternal: a man should plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. I think no one will argue with that? And although all this is outdated, the majority of men accept these official duties for life and try to fulfill at least some points. And in the list there is a child, and therefore, it directly affects us. And here comes the most important contradiction, since modern young people believe that it is we, girls, who owe nothing. And on the definition of "real man" they by and large do not care, because they believe that this is our invention.

What should a real man and should

The word "must" is understood by women and men differently. For us, this is something for granted, and for them - manipulation. Well, if a man lives bobyl, then we do not care by what rules he exists, and also absolutely parallel, he is real or not.But when we are looking for a partner to create a serious relationship, then your rules should be included anyway, if you are not completely stupid. After all, the man is still the main resource earner in most families. If you make a mistake and associate your life with an eccentric who owes nothing to anyone, then you will take an unreasonable risk (at least it’s wasted time).

So what should a real man?

There are, of course, we still have a lot of likes. It should be respectful and tolerant, not talkative, romantic, etc. But all this does not apply to obligatory factors - this is what each couple decides for themselves separately, and many of us can be shown something the same thing.

The only thing that men need is to be responsible and reliable. Make decisions and take responsibility for the final result.

There are wonderful lines about this:

Only the one who is in the bustle of bustling

Your hands will not be released,

And there is a real man,

All the rest are drafts.

What should a real man and should

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