What should be the interroom door


What are the interior doors

The choice of interior doors - the task is not the easiest. The design of the door, of course, is an important criterion, but not the only one. The door is a participant in domestic scenes and a keeper of peace, they retire behind it, so it must be soundproof. The door, it happens, is slammed "in hearts", therefore, it must be reliable. The door when plowing should not touch furniture and close objects.

Functional, aesthetic and acoustic properties of the door depend on the design of the canvas. Interior doors are frame, all-glass and panel. Paneled (frame) doors consist of a strapping (frame), middle pieces - horizontal bars in the middle of the canvas with panels inserted between them. This form provides high strength, resistance to deformation, good soundproofing. High-quality interior doors are made of paneled solid or laminated veneer lumber and panels of valuable wood.These doors belong to the premium category and have a high price.

Doors of pine with veneer panels for precious wood will cost much cheaper. Also, the panels are made of MDF panels or chipboard, not inferior either in appearance or in terms of operating parameters of natural wood.

Flush doors

Flush doors consist of a double-sided frame with MDF sheets and solid or hollow (lattice, honeycomb) filling. Often used for finishing laminate - durable and inexpensive material. In facing the doors of a more expensive price segment, veneer made of natural wood or eco-veneer is used.

When solid filling wooden slats or strips of chipboard stack closely to each other, which increases the structural strength and provides a high level of sound insulation. The lack of such a door is heavy, and the lattice-filled cloths let in noise, besides, their skin can bend, swell at high humidity. Recently, manufacturers used for filling panel doors corrugated cardboard, resembling a honeycomb. The door turns out easy and strong, besides with an excellent noise isolation.

Interior doors with glass

Both panel and paneled doors may have glass inserts, but to visually expand the space, create a feeling of airiness and openness of the interior, designers use interior doors completely made of glass cloth. For doors use tempered high-strength glass or triplex (glass sandwich). The canvas is matte and transparent, smooth and grooved, frameless and framed profile (aluminum, wood, steel). The lack of glass doors - low noise insulation.

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