What you need to take to rest?

Well, what a normal person does not like to relax and travel? Correctly, these do not exist. Because the rest can be so varied and interesting that sometimes you start to suffer, due to the fact that the vacation is only once a year.

The ability to change the situation is priceless. And vacation can rightfully earn the title of "the best time in your life." But do not forget that the success of the rest is possible only with proper preparation for it. Find out what you need to take with you on holiday so that you can fully relax and feel happy.

In terms of recreation, women and men are different. For strong men, it does not matter at all that the process of picking up suitcases matters, they are sure that the main thing is not to leave a passport and a ticket at home. Then, however, finding themselves in another country without the usual medicines, they begin to panic and regret that they did not pay enough attention to preparing for the rest.

And women often have the opposite, painfully meticulously and even fanatically they relate to the collection of suitcases and bags. As a result of this, they have not only one suitcase, but three.Which makes travel much more difficult. By the way, then it turns out that no one has ever used 70% of the contents of the bags.

In order to avoid any unnecessary quarrels and spoiled mood we suggest you collect things according to a pre-written list.

It is necessary to make it together with those people who are going to share the rest with you. Take into account all the wishes, write down and reconsider in a couple of days. In most cases, after analyzing the information you see, you will realize that there is absolutely nothing you need.

Of course, all people are individual and each of us in this life needs his own. But still, you can select the main things that are sure to be useful to any traveler.

List of things

You do not leave the country without a passport, ticket and other documents. By the way, about the tickets. Most people feel much more confident when they have a return ticket in their hands. It even comes out cheaper, so you can immediately take care of options for your return home. For security, it does not hurt to make a photocopy of your passport. Who knows what? During your vacation, never leave your passport unattended.Believe me, his loss in a foreign country can end badly for you.

Naturally you can not do without cash. Here we advise you to have a currency in two forms: cash and on the card. Cash should be in dollars and euros, and it is also desirable to have a reserve of currency, which operates in the country in which you plan to rest.

On the card, it is desirable that you have a large amount of money. In the case of theft, you can block it in a bank, and paying with a card in another country is much more comfortable and even safer.

Be sure to take a phone with you. Connect in advance on it the roaming service and replenish the account. You must have a normal amount in your account. Of course, you can buy a card of any subscriber after arriving in another country. Just do not forget to immediately send your phone number to your close people.

We advise you not to be lazy and write out the most important numbers for you in a notebook. You should not completely trust the gadgets, because they can be stolen, and then you can not ask for help from close people.

On vacation you will want to record many moments, for this you need a camera.The better it is, the better. Now you can find compact cameras with a good image, so you don’t have to worry about how much space it takes in a suitcase.

Most likely, you will in a short time fill the entire memory of the camera, so you have to throw off the photo on the computer. For travel is ideal tablet or netbook. They are compact and useful. With their help, you can have fun during the flight, and otherwise it is very useful things. Only here to “sit” on the Internet all the rest is not at all necessary; you will do this at home without any problems.

A lot of space in the suitcase will be occupied by chargers for all the equipment that you decided to take to rest. Without them you can not cope. Do not forget to grab the adapter.

In order to constantly not be confused in the wires, we advise you to put all the chargers in a compact bag.

Of course, you can not do without shoes and clothes. In order not to carry with you the whole summer wardrobe, choose 10-12 items: swimsuit, underwear, tank top and shorts, dress, pants and skirt, sandals and a bag, as well as low-run shoes. No need to take four dresses and three pairs of sandals.

With a lot of things it is quite difficult to travel. Moreover, the less clothes you bring with you, the more things you can buy in fashion boutiques. Thus, you will not only relax, but also refresh your wardrobe.

Be sure to take with you a map of the city and the country in which you are going to spend your vacation. It is advisable to buy it in advance and in your home country, so that all the symbols on it are written in a language you know. It is also better for a traveler to bring along a dictionary.

Not that people can not do without their usual means of hygiene. You can take them with you, only replace large bottles with small ones designed specifically for travel.

Perhaps the most important part of your baggage should be a first aid kit. Medicines must always be taken with you. In another country, you simply can not find everything you need. But often the climate change causes a lot of trouble for a person.

Therefore, you should take along one plate of an antipyretic and pain reliever, a proven anesthetic, a remedy for herpes, peroxide, cotton wool and a plaster, tablets for the gastrointestinal tract and allergies. You can also take a sunburn ointment.

Also on vacation you may need a watch, a book and a tanning aid. And do not forget that walking in the sun without a hat is harmful, so be sure to buy yourself a new cap.

What is not worth taking?

Discard a large number of decorative cosmetics, five tonalnikov and false cilia will clearly be superfluous. For the same reason, do not take a set for the spa, scrubs and a large number of masks and creams. Instead of evening and morning face cream, take one and nourishing.

Do not take uncomfortable shoes with you, if it is difficult for you to walk on it in normal conditions, then on vacation you simply will not get it out of your suitcase.

We also urge you not to take expensive jewelry with you, do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk. Moreover, now there are many beautiful plastic and wooden accessories that look much prettier in the summer.

Do not take magazines and crosswords with you. You can read them and solve them at home, better bring books with you.

We remind you that it is also better to refuse a lot of things.

Perhaps that's all that is important to take with you to rest. Collect things without shouting and in a good mood, and then you will be fine and you will not forget anything.

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