What smells do cats not like


Unpleasant sensations in most cats are caused by oil obtained from the leaves of an aromatic shrub called rue. If you put the branches of the bush near any object, not a single cat, even close to him will not fit.
The properties of the rue were known to herbalists in ancient times. And, by the way, one of these experts recommended: “Put a large amount of medicinal and aromatic herbs under the layer of turf, which you should definitely mix in the root and scatter it in different places, which can not only be useful, but also beautiful, the root is beautiful and green and its bitterness will take away poisonous animals and annoying cats from your garden. ”
Currently, gardeners say that the leaves of this plant can cause skin rashes even in humans. Therefore, the root must be handled carefully. However, the oil of its leaves has a healing miracle cure. For some unknown reason, popular wisdom was forgotten for a long time, and, quite possibly, it will be useful only in cases where no other means will help.

Onions and Citrus Fruits

There is one more thing that cats do not like, it is a bow. To do this, you can simply rub the raw onion over the place that you would like to protect. This will help you once and for all get rid of the cat's encroachment, and the fragrance, which will be published at first, will quietly disappear. Although in fact the cats will continue to feel this smell, while you already forget that you once used this tool.
Many cats dislike the smell of citrus fruits, such as oranges or tangerines. True, this action will be one minus. Peel of citrus fruits, which emit an unpleasant smell for a cat, quickly dry out. Therefore, they will have to be changed until your pet finally gets used, that it cannot be in a certain place.


Easily accessible substances that are in every home can also become an unpopular odor for cats, for example, vinegar. Cats do not like him very much. Its sour smell irritates their tender nasal canals, so they have long avoided the place where his drop has ever fallen.
It is worth adding that cats are very stubborn animals.And often they perceive the beginning of such a “chemical attack” as a challenge to their vanity. For starters, they can change their place of activity. And if it does not bring the desired result, then they will overpower their disgust for this substance. In this case, you will only change tactics.

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