Which summer dresses will be fashionable in 2016?

In the summer, you want to enjoy life and your reflection in the mirror! And will help in this feminine and fashionable summer dress. 2016 will delight you with a variety of colors and patterns!

Variety of styles

So, what style will be the most fashionable?

  • Summer dresses should be, above all, breathable, so the designers have released a lot of models of free cut, and both dresses and sundresses.
  • Also in the summer season of 2016 will be very popular dress-shirts, and it is not only comfortable and practical, but also attractive and stylish
  • In fashion sundresses with a high waist, which perfectly hide the extra volume in the abdomen.
  • In the trend of the A-shaped silhouette, that is, trapezoid. It is suitable, by the way, as a miniature girl, and quite lush. It does not matter that these dresses came into the present from the distant last century, from which they became even more charming.
  • A fitted dress with a slightly flared hem, but certainly from flowing and flying fabric, will help create a romantic image.
  • For special occasions, a sheath dress is suitable, but not from dense fabrics, but from lightweight ones, really summer ones.
  • In summer, you can safely wear dresses without a top bustier, especially with the hem of the “sun” style and a slightly high waist. But only girls with small breasts can afford them, because a heavy bust requires full support.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the asymmetric cut, because it will not only make your image vivid and mysterious, but also help distract attention from the shortcomings of the figure.

Summer length

Summer is a season in which you can and even need to wear a mini, so the most popular will be just that length. But if nature has not rewarded you with slender and perfectly even legs, then choose midi dresses, they are also relevant and no less feminine.

Maxi is also allowed and sometimes welcomed, but this option is not suitable for everyday wear (many in long dresses are simply uncomfortable). And he requires a fairly high growth.


Fashionable summer dresses in 2016 will be made exclusively from lightweight and breathable materials such as chiffon, silk or satin. Also, the designers presented a variety of models from retro fabrics that were very popular several decades ago, for example, from muslin, veil, batiste.

For cool evenings, you can buy a dress made of denim, this material is still popular. And for everyday wear is very suitable breathable and practical cotton. Also, the summer season will please with lace, both airy and dense.


Beautiful summer dresses should be bright, because when else to enjoy the riot of colors, if not in the warm season! And so feel free to purchase dresses of orange, green, yellow, violet, coral and other similar tones.

Also in fashion such shades as fuchsia and mint. The classic white will be especially popular, and not only miniature girls will be able to afford it, but also with appetizing forms, because the designers claim that if this color is used correctly, then it will not only be incomplete, but also hide some defects. Black also continues to be relevant, but on a hot day in an outfit of this color it can be stuffy.

Tip: do not be afraid to experiment and choose models that combine several shades, and not necessarily ideally combined.


Summer pleases with flowers, and floristic patterns in this season will become especially popular,flowers will be almost everywhere, especially large ones. Although this is exactly the case in which size does not matter, the main thing is the essence.

To add color, choose a dress with watercolor prints. Fabric as if decorated with colors, with bright and very different! Even a practically incompatible tone can be combined in such a diverse palette, and it will not look bright or tasteless.

In the fashion and romantic and cute peas, especially contrast to the main color. And still the cell will be relevant, but not ordinary and boring, but bright, as if a little crazy, for example, of different sizes and colors.

And one more fashion trend is a combination of different prints on one dress. And they can be combined in different ways. For example, the upper part may be checkered, and the hem - striped. There may also be segments with different patterns.

Such important details

Summer look will be especially stylish if you choose not an ordinary dress, but a model with some seemingly small, but in fact important details. Sometimes it is they who decide everything, and this can be assessed in the photo from the shows of fashion houses.

In 2016, the following items will be fashionable:

  • Cutout "American." He will emphasize the femininity of the shoulders, but if they are too wide, they can visually increase.
  • V-shaped notches are not only incredibly sexy, but also capable of pulling a silhouette.
  • Spaghetti strap. It's so summer-like easy and feminine!
  • Straps on one shoulder. The other will remain open and stir up the fantasy of the representatives of the opposite sex.
  • False flowers. Let them be not only on the streets in the flower beds, but also on your dress.
  • Laser cutting. It looks like lace, but it looks even more interesting.
  • Pleated fabric inserts.
  • Ribbons, especially thin satin.

Prepare for the summer thoroughly: get a trendy and stylish dress!

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