What to buy in Spain?

March 2, 2012
What to buy in Spain?

Let's think about what you can buy in Spain as a memory of a trip? Following our recommendations you will not miss interesting souvenirs!

  • Jerez - Spain is famous for its sherry. So do not forget to buy a couple of bottles. The easiest way to do this in Duty Free, where you will find the most famous brands.
  • Olive oil is considered the best in the world, along with Greek.
  • Wine: each region of Spain makes its own unique wine. You will not lose if you buy wine from Rioja, this is the largest wine-growing region of Spain. It produces mostly red wine.
  • Saffron (spice) - Spaniards love spices, and the most favorite - saffron, which is famous for the city of Granada. Saffron is added to many dishes of Spanish cuisine.
  • Hamon: the most delicious, jerked pork ham. This is an ancient dish of traditional Spanish cuisine.
  • Products for flamenco: fans, dresses, shoes, shawls, castanets. Flamenco is a traditional fiery Spanish dance and music movement. A disc with flamenco music can also be a great gift.Fans - from the simplest and cheapest to the exquisite author's works, are of practical importance; in summer the temperature in Spain reaches 40 C.
  • Gift figures: a flamenco dancer, a toro - a bull participating in a bullfight, like the bullfight itself, is a kind of symbol of Spain, a bullfighter, etc.

Now we know what to buy in Spain, but where? You can of course go to a large supermarket, but if you want to feel the spirit of Spain and get in touch with Spanish culture, visit the bustling markets or small cozy shops, which are usually a family business. There you can bargain heartily and practice Spanish! These shops usually work from 10.00 to 14.00, and then until 17.00 a break for siesta. Then they continue to work until about 21.00. The currency that goes in Spain, as elsewhere in Europe - the euro.

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