What to cook tasty and fast on February 23: the best recipes with photos

Every family celebrates the holiday on February 23. Men on this day receive gifts and congratulations from their loved ones, and women want to please their husbands with delicious dishes.

Defender of the Fatherland Day is a truly important holiday, but most often it falls on working days. Therefore, a woman does not always have time to prepare complex dishes. Most of the beautiful ladies, sitting at work, ponder in advance what to cook a spouse and invited guests quickly and tasty.

What to cook tasty and fast on February 23

What to cook quickly?

No, probably, in the world of a dish, which would be prepared faster than sandwiches. After all, in 5-10 minutes you can build something from previously purchased products. Sandwiches with sausage and cheese are best left for regular snacks, and on February 23 you should prefer an exquisite delicacy - red caviar.

We offer you a simple recipe for quick dishes that will look very impressive on the table.

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